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In order to best start a career journey, you must first understand yourself.  Evaluation starts with reflecting on personal interests, values and calling as well as awareness of personal strengths and skills. Consider utilizing some of these tools as well as learning more about employment skills and how to use them.


One of the greatest parts of the hike is the experts you meet on the trail.  Job shadowing, volunteering or conducting informational interviews with employers that interest you, determining what you want to do and skills needed are essential for your career.  Use academic departments, academic advising and career development to explore options. Start packing your gear by developing a resume, cover letter, and personal pitch.


 Now it's time to expand and strengthen your skill sets! Your Professional Readiness Experience (PRE) will help develop your skills and perspective on jobs. Plan and complete your supervised experiential learning endeavor such as a for-credit internship, certified internship program (CIP), research project, service-learning project, study-abroad or leadership project. Participating in part-time employment, volunteering or community service is a great way to demonstrate experience and hone your skills.

  • Professional Readiness Experience (PRE) (coming soon!)


Exceed expectations by being prepared to begin your job search in your senior year. Polish and finalize your personal pitch, resume, portfolio and other professional documents to create tools for marketing your skills and experience. Review, edit, and expand upon your online presence through LinkedIn and a audit of social media accounts. Participate in some practice interviews to gain confidence in presenting yourself professionally.


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