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You may wish to print these instructions to assist you in placing an order. Please allow a minimum of 24-48 hours for the staff to process your order.

Purchasing Textbooks Online

  1.  Please locate your program on the left-hand menu, located under "Order Online".  Choose "Divinity/DCP/Graduate" to find the link to our textbook ordering site.
  2. In order to place an On-line Textbook Order an account must be created within the efollett site.  If you are a new user, register your new account by selecting “Sign In” on the top left - If you are a returning user, log in. (Please keep your username and password for your records.  The Campus Shop does not have access to your password information.) 
    If you forget your password please click on the “Forgot your password?” link and enter the email address you used when creating your account.  Your password will be emailed to you.  *If you cannot find the email please check your “Junk Mail” folder.
  3. Once logged in, Click “Textbooks and Course Materials” on the left-hand side, then click “Go”. Select your Program, Term, Department, Course and Section letter (This information can be found on your schedule).
  4. Select the books you wish to order.
  5. Select NEW or USED (if available) for each book.
  6. Designate your preference to substitute NEW books if used books are not available by selecting either:
    • If my new/used condition selected is unavailable, please replace with the new/used condition that is in-stock. This may affect my order total.”
    • If my new/used condition selected is unavailable, DO NOT replace the item(s). I understand that the unavailable item(s) will be CANCELLED from my order.
    We will make every effort to honor requests for used books; however, if used books are not available, we will fill your order from current stock.
    (Be very careful not to skip this step for it is often overlooked and you will not be able to continue with the order unless one of these options is selected. Often, the reason that there are no used books on the shelf cannot be avoided. New edition textbooks, course packs, study guides and limited license software books are never available used.)
  7. Then click “Add to Cart and go to Cart” or if you need to order for another course click, “Add to Cart and add another Course.”
  8. If you have additional courses, select your next Term, Department, Course and Section letter.
  9. Once you have ordered for your last course, Click "Checkout" under your selections.
  10. Make sure you enter your billing and shipping information and click "Continue Checkout". (If you have any special requirements that the bookstore staff will need to know to fulfill your order, check the box “Check here to leave comments on this order.”)  
  11. Under the Payment Options screen select your payment type (if you plan to charge to your student account, this is where you will be given the payment type choice of “student account.”) The Promotion Code box is not a mandatory field.  You will not need to enter a number in this box.  Select “Continue Checkout” for the confirmation screen.
  12. ***Your student account number can be found on your statements from the Business Office as well as on MyWebb.
  13. Then verify the information one more time and scroll down to select the “Complete My Order” box.  Then you will see a Confirmation number on your screen to alert you that your order has indeed been successfully submitted.  You will also receive a confirmation email to the email address you used when logging in.  (If you have questions about your order please keep your confirmation number handy so our customer service staff can research your order quickly.)

***If you do not receive a confirmation number or email then your order has NOT been successfully placed.