Campus Recreation

Things to Know

We are exctied about your upcoming visit to the Broyhill Adventure Course. The following information should help you to have a safe, meaningful, and fun experience.

What to Wear

  • Old, comfortable clothes that you do not mind getting stained or dirty. Long pants are suggested to protect your legs from scrapes and splinters, however shorts are acceptable depending on the weather
  • Tennis shoes or hiking boots
  • Sun screen and insect repellant


What Not to Wear

  • Jewelry – including rings, watches, earrings, necklaces, etc.


 What to Bring

  • Sunglasses
  • Ponytail holder for long hair
  • Hat
  • Weather gear – windbreaker, rain coat, winter gloves, etc. depending on the weather
  • Camera (if you want to capture the memories!)
  • Gatorade, Powerade, water, etc.
  • If you have pre‐existing conditions such as asthma, bee allergies, diabetes, etc. bring the appropriate medications.


What Not to Bring

  • Personal climbing equipment – we will provide everything you need
  • Alcohol, tobacco products, illegal drugs
  • Glass containers


What to Expect

  • Our outdoor facility is surrounded by trees and shrubs which provide us with shady areas
  • We have a port‐a‐john on site, and running water is only a short car ride away
  • There is enough room to accommodate a large passenger van or one or two cars on site, and additional cars may park along the side of the road
  • In the summer it is hot, and in the winter it is cold, please be sure to dress appropriately and to bring additional clothing items to add or change into as the day progresses
  • Our philosophy is “challenge by choice” which means YOU set personal goals and challenges. The team will encourage you to reach your goals, but no one will coerce you into doing anything you are not comfortable with
  • Problem solving, team building, group games, climbing, and FUN