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Engaging, serving, and volunteering in the community in order to make an IMPACT in other’s lives as well as learn about God’s work and will for ourselves. Leading students to apply what they learn through community action.

Community engagement is an individual or group effort to work collaboratively with local partners and address issues that impact the well-being of the community. Our goal is to encourage students to move beyond a basic mindset of volunteerism and into a lifestyle of service.

We engage in community partnerships that create high impact learning practices to meet local and global needs. Service learning inspires students to ask the life question, “What will my IMPACT be?”

Local Education

Gardner-Webb students invest in guiding underserved students in the local community through the Cleveland County School System. We are the largest volunteer organization involved in local schools. Our partnerships include various facets such as academic enrichment, community gardens, food ministries, lunch buddies, and teacher support.