Deactivated and Dissolved student organizations no longer have the rights, privileges and responsibilities associated with recognition as student organizations.

Student organizations that fail to complete their Social-Spirit-Service requirement, or any other requirement placed on in a given school year may be deactivated.

Organizations may be deactivated if they lose and do not officially replace their faculty/staff advisor within any deadline set by the CPPD.

Organizations may be deactivated if they condone or participate in conduct prohibited by law or University policies or procedures, including, but not limited to, this Handbook.

Organizations that, in the discretion of the CPPD, fail to consistently demonstrate compliance with criteria 2-11 under “Process for Approval by the SGA Student Senate” as set forth above may be deactivated.

An organization that disbands is immediately considered Deactivated

Limited Time to Appeal Deactivation

Deactivated student organizations have until September 1 of the following school year to seek to re-establish their active status by letter of appeal to the CPPD. All such appeals must address the reasons why the organization feels that it should be reactivated. Email appeals to [email protected] If the CPPD is considering reactivation, it may be granted conditional on benchmarks or requirements set by the CPPD, which must be met before reactivation may occur. This could include probation and/or completion of one or more of the steps set forth above for recognition of a new student organization.

Dissolved Status

Deactivated organizations that file an appeal by September 1 deadline but lose the appeal are considered Dissolved.

Deactivated organization that fail to file an appeal by September 1 deadline will be considered Dissolved.

Reactivation after becoming Dissolved

After two consecutive semesters of being Dissolved, all accounts belonging to the organization may be closed and any funds transferred to the Student Government Association account to be allocated for other organizational needs.

For a Dissolved organization to be brought back to active status, interested students should email [email protected] for help. Students desiring to reactivate an organization that has been Dissolved must successfully complete all the steps and approval process listed above for recognition of a new student organization, the same as if they had never held active status.