Key Elements


We the members of (name of organization), and subscribing to mission and policies of Gardner- Webb University establish this Constitution to govern the matters within our organization.

ARTICLE I: Organization Name

  • The name of this organization or association is: please provide the full, official name of the organization, as well as any acronyms the organizations may use.
  • This is the appropriate place to list any national or local affiliations.

ARTICLE II: Organization Purpose/Mission

Enter a comprehensive, yet concise statement of purpose. This statement may have several ideas or objectives. Be as precise as possible, as this statement outlines the overarching objectives of your organization.

The purpose/mission of____________________________ shall be ___________________________.

ARTICLE III: Membership

This article should include a sufficient number of sections to cover all information and requirements about membership including, but not limited to: types (active, associate, honorary, and others), qualifications (grade point average, areas of interest, etc.), election or selection, and method of application.

Included in an appropriate Article or Articles shall be information as follows:

Membership shall be limited to regularly enrolled fulltime traditional undergraduate students.

Any dues or payment necessary to be a member of the organization

ARTICLE IV: Non-Discrimination

Membership and all privileges, including voting and officer positions, must be extended to all students without regard to age, ethnicity, gender, disability, color, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

ARTICLE V: Officers (qualifications; terms; election and removal)

(This section should contain the officer positions and the duration of terms. Provisions should be made for election, removal, and vacancy of office (typically accomplished through voting). Note: Names should never appear in the constitution, only the positions.)

The officers of this organization shall consist of: (state the number of officers, their titles, and their general duties and responsibilities). (Qualifications for office, if any (GPA, previous experience, etc.)

Term limits (state the number of terms that an individual may be allowed to hold a particular office).

Election (state the method and frequency of electing officers, as well as vote required to take office).

Provisions for removal (state how an officer is removed, how the process is initiated, voting requirements, and what steps for an appeal).

Provisions for officer vacancies

ARTICLE VI: Meetings

This article should state the provisions for setting up a regular meeting time, any provisions to be made for calling a special meeting, and stipulations for quorum; the officer position which has the authority to call meetings should also be stated here. Note: Locations and/or specific dates should not be listed here as they are typically subject to change.

  1. There shall be (1, 2, etc.) faculty/staff/community member advisor who shall be the members’ ex-officio with no voting privileges.
  2. Method of selection of advisors
  3. Duties and responsibilities of advisor (include expectations for involvement)
  4. Method of removing advisors