Hunt School of Nursing

Academic procedures may vary from program to program, as reflected in the individual handbooks.

Academic Advisement

Students are registered for their first semester of courses upon admission. Students are expected to review the required course of study for their concentration at the time of enrollment.

The following semester students are responsible for communicating with their assigned Academic Advisor who will advise them on the courses being offered the next semester, the courses they need, and their personal identification number (PIN).  Students are responsible for registering for their classes utilizing their PIN through WebbConnect.  Advising takes place once each semester prior to registration beginning. Students are advised in the fall for spring registration and in the spring for summer and fall registration.  Faculty post advising hours and it is in the student’s best interest to communicate with their advisor especially during this pre-registration period.  The advisor can then review the student record and anticipate possible areas of concern or discussion based on the student’s work and grade point average.  The final responsibility for meeting degree requirements rests with the student.  Students are expected to get a degree evaluation online through WebbConnect to assess their ongoing progress toward degree completion.  Per Graduate School policy, students must complete the MSN program within six (6) years of the initial start date and the DNP program within seven (7) years of the initial program start date. 

Auditing Nursing Courses

Refer to Academic Catalog.

Undergraduate Courses    Graduate Courses

Conflict Resolution

If a student encounters conflicts or concerns in a nursing class or practice area, the student should first approach the faculty member involved in the class or practice experience.  If an acceptable resolution is not achieved, the student should follow the hierarchical listing below:

  1. Course Professor
  2. Program Coordinator
  3. Chair, Doctoral Nursing Programs
  4. Assistant Director, Hunt School of Nursing
  5. Director, Hunt School of Nursing
  6. Dean of College of Health Sciences (undergraduate students); Current Chair, Graduate Council (graduate students)

Curriculum Associated Expectations of Students

All written work for courses must be submitted following the guidelines in the latest edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association.  Nursing students, because of their participation in the lives of others, are expected to follow the American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics. as well as the Gardner-Webb University Honor Code.  Students are expected to consult with a faculty member when encountering ethical questions or concerns in practice.

Because of the evolving COVID-19 environment, the HSON encourages all students to anticipate the COVID-19 vaccine may be required to meet onboarding requirements of our clinical partners. Should a clinical site include the COVID-19 vaccine as an onboarding requirement, failure to meet the clinical site’s standards may result in delayed progression through the program and/or graduation.

Electronic Mail

Most communication between faculty members and students occurs via email.  Faculty will contact students at their assigned GWU email address and through the Blackboard Course Messaging System.  Students should check their GWU email and Blackboard Course Messaging System several times each week.  Do not share your passwords with others. 

Graduation Requirements and Application Procedure

All students must apply online for graduation the semester prior to completing degree requirements.  Students are responsible for applying online for graduation through WebbConnect.  A graduation fee will be applied to the student’s account upon applying for graduation.  Students who fail to meet graduation requirements in the semester they apply for graduation are required to reapply for graduation the next semester they plan to graduate.  All students enrolled in certificate programs must also apply for completion of the certificate program the semester before completion of certificate requirements.   

Information Technology Competencies

CompetencyPlacementStudent Outcome
Use basic email
  • Send-receive email
  • Send attachments
PrerequisiteStudents will utilize email in communication with peers, faculty, and advisors.
Word processingPrerequisiteStudents will utilize a word processing program to complete written assignments.
InternetPrerequisiteStudents will utilize an internet browser to access and retrieve information.
Blackboard Distance Learning SystemOnline courses Blackboard orientation and Student user guideStudents will utilize Blackboard to participate in discussion groups, online testing, email and various course assignments.
Web Conferencing (Zoom)
  • Web Camera
All StudentsStudents may utilize online web conferencing platform (Zoom) for a variety of live synchronous online interactions.
Electronic Presentations
  • Slides
  • Speaker Notes
  • Audio recording capability
  • Video recording capability
PrerequisiteStudents will utilize electronic media (PowerPoint, etc.) to support presentations if applicable and appropriate to course content.
Typhon NPST (APRN/NP Students Only)NP Practicum CoursesNP Students will utilize Typhon NPST for management of practicum requirements and documentation.
ExamSoft/ExamplifyPrelicensure and APRN/NP CoursesNP Students will utilize computerized testing software.
ShadowHealthPrelicensure and APRN/NP CoursesNP Students will utilize virtual patient encounters for development of advanced health assessment techniques.
CAE LearningSpacePrelicensure and APRN/NP CoursesNP students will utilize the simulation center management platform for web-based, video-driven simulation training exercises.

Malpractice Insurance

All students are charged for group malpractice insurance with each practicum course.  The group policy carried by the HSON provides student malpractice coverage that applies while in nursing practicum experiences related to nursing courses.  Students may contact the Hunt School of Nursing if proof of insurance coverage is needed. 

Name and Address Change

Students need to keep both the University and the HSON informed about changes in their name, address, and telephone number.  Changes should immediately be reported through WebbConnect, Maintain Information.  Students should also notify the appropriate Coordinator of Nursing Admissions within the HSON.


GWU admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.  GWU nursing students will care for assigned patients regardless of their race, religion, ethnic background, or diagnosis. 

Schedule Changes

A calendar is provided for each nursing course the first day of class.  It is the student’s responsibility to follow the schedule as planned.  The date, time, and location of learning experiences are subject to unavoidable changes due to inclement weather or other events at the professor’s discretion.  If schedule changes are necessary, the professor will notify students as soon as possible.

Withdrawal from Courses

Students should only withdraw from courses after consultation with their advisor and course professor.  Withdrawal from courses will impact program progression.  Students who must withdraw from courses should proceed through the official withdrawal process via WebbConnect, as stated in the GWU Academic Catalog.  Students are subject to procedures established by the University for schedule modification deadlines, WP/WF deadlines, and grading deadlines.  It is the student’s responsibility to complete all requirements of the withdrawal process with the Registrar’s office.  Otherwise, grades of “F” will be assigned and the student will maintain financial responsibility.