Hunt School of Nursing Student Organizations

Baptist Nursing Fellowship

The Baptist Nursing Fellowship student organization provides Christian professional fellowship; promotes continuing education and growth for members and nurse missionaries; and encourages nursing service evolving from a personal commitment to Jesus Christ.  The objectives for accomplishing these purposes on a local, regional, national, and international basis are:

  1. To empower members through studying the Bible, worshipping, witnessing, and sharing of Christian experiences.
  2. To present and participate in planned nursing and health care programs in a variety of areas of interest to nurses based on assessed need of the members.
  3. To expand global Christian nursing service and personal involvement through mission support, education, and health care activities.

Baptist Nursing Fellowship is open to any nursing or health-care professionals interested in the purposes of the organization.

Student Nurses Association

The Student Nurses Association (SNA) is a student analog to the American Nurses Association (ANA), the professional organization for registered nurses.  Purposes of the student organization are to provide professionally related programs to the student members, aid in the professional development of students, and encourage students to join ANA upon graduation.  Student enrolled in a pre-licensure nursing program or nursing-intended students at Gardner-Webb University (GWU) are eligible for membership in this organization.  Membership encompasses local, state, and national membership.  The organization is directed by its Constitution and By-Laws.  SNA officers are current members elected by the membership and represent the Pre-licensure programs.  If compatible with their schedules and funds are available, members may attend state and/or national SNA conventions.  Faculty advisors are available for assistance to the organization.  Additional information regarding membership may be obtained from the Hunt School of Nursing (HSON) faculty advisor(s) or organizational officers.

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing– Phi Upsilon

Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing (STTI) is dedicated to improving the health of people worldwide through increasing the scientific base of nursing practice.  Its members are nursing scholars committed to the pursuit of excellence in clinical practice, education, research, and leadership.  STTI believes that broadening the base of nursing knowledge through knowledge development, dissemination, and use offers great promise for promoting a healthier populace.  Sigma Theta Tau was founded in 1922 by six nursing students at Indiana University.  The founders chose the name from the initials of the Greek words “Storge”, “Tharsos,” and “Time” meaning, “love”, “courage,” and “honor.”  GWU HSON chapter of STTI, Phi Upsilon, was established in 2012.   For students meeting eligibility requirements, invitations to join the Phi Upsilon Chapter of STTI will be distributed during the spring semester.  Additional information regarding membership may be obtained from an organizational officer. 

DCP Student Honor Society

Alpha Sigma Lambda

Gardner-Webb University is affiliated with this National Honor Society designed for adult students. Membership in Alpha Sigma Lambda is the highest honor that is bestowed upon DCP students at Gardner-Webb University.  A list of Alpha Sigma Lambda nominees is produced by the Registrar and audited for membership requirements.  Alpha Sigma Lambda nominees receive a letter of nomination explaining the requirements of membership and an invitation to an induction ceremony. Refer to the GWU Academic Catalog for membership eligibility requirements. 

Gardner-Webb University Graduate Assistantships

Gardner-Webb University has a limited number of on-campus assistantships available for which you may apply. Each assistantship provides tuition remission for up to 18 graduate hours per year as well as a monetary grant, for a full-year contract (fall, spring, and summer terms). The annual graduate student parking permit is also issued without charge to graduate assistants.  Refer to the Graduate Student Handbook for more information.

Textbook Procurement

Graduate textbooks may be ordered online through the Gardner-Webb University Campus Shop or picked up at the Campus Shop in Boiling Springs prior to class.  Professors will not bring textbooks to the first session of class.  For questions contact the Campus Shop at (704) 406-4273.

Tuition Voucher Policy for Field-Based Professionals

Professionals supporting various education programs provide a significant service both to their profession and the preparation of students. Gardner-Webb University recognizes that this service is invaluable and as a token of appreciation will provide:

  • A course tuition voucher that can be used for an undergraduate or graduate level course for which the recipient has been admitted and has prerequisite preparation. The course tuition voucher is for use by the recipient only (non-transferable), is valid for two years, and is issued for each full semester of service to the university. The recipient will only receive tuition credit at the undergraduate or approved Masters level rate. The student will be responsible for fees and additional tuition costs associated with the higher tuition rate for their program of study. Students must be enrolled in a graduate program before they are eligible to take graduate level classes. Not all university programs are eligible for tuition voucher usage. Consult with the Provost’s Office to determine whether your desired course is eligible.
  • A Gardner-Webb University ID (valid for one year) is offered. Recipient must visit Gardner-Webb University Security Office with signed copy of voucher to receive Gardner-Webb University ID. The Gardner-Webb University ID will allow the recipient to:
    • Have faculty/staff privileges and responsibilities to use Dover Library resources.
    • Have faculty/staff admittance to campus cultural and athletic events.

Support Services

Gardner-Webb University offers support services to students, such as The Dover Library, NOEL Center for Disability Services, Learning Enrichment and Assistance Program (LEAP), and the Writing Center.  A full list of Support Services can be found under the Support Services link located within each Blackboard course or on the GWU website.


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