The Clinical Team

The clinical team is composed of members of the department faculty and staff responsible for the day-to-day operations of the clinical year.  The contact information for the clinical team members is found on page 6 of this handbook and policy manual.

Responsible for day-to-day operations of SCPE:

  • Director of Clinical Education (referred to by title or DCE) – Dr. Michele Mercer
  • Associate Director of Clinical Education (referred to by title or ADCE) – Professor Heather Deibler
  • Clinical Administrative Coordinator (referred to by title or CAC) – Mrs. Missy Ware
  • Clinical Scheduling Manager & Data Analyst (referred to by title or CSM) – Mrs. Stephanie Fraccola

In conjunction with and with oversight from:

  • Director of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies – Dr. Ami Steele
  • Associate Director of the Department of Physician Assistant Studies (AD) – Professor Ashley Kernicky
  • Medical Director (referred to in this document as Medical Director) – Dr. Mark Reiber

The clinical team is readily available to assist the student with navigation of the clinical year. Due to different team member responsibilities, the preferred initial method of communication during the clinical year is email via [email protected], which is routinely checked by the clinical team and forwarded to the appropriate program staff or faculty for response within two (2) business days.  Students may also call 704-406-2404 with non-emergent issues.


Clinical Team & Cohort Mid-SCPE Meeting

To facilitate open communication during the clinical year, the clinical team will host a virtual cohort meeting on the second Thursday of each SCPE from 12:30 pm to 1:00 pm.  Students are encouraged to submit questions in advance of the session using the Qualtrics form located in Blackboard.

Meeting details are posted on the cohort outlook calendar and MS Teams. Because the department recognizes that SCPE requirements may prevent the student from occasionally attending these meetings, recordings of these meetings will be posted in MS Teams and Blackboard for review.