Policy for Requesting Changes to Assigned SCPEs

To provide PA students with excellent learning experiences, the program considers both the student and the clinical site preceptor(s) when planning and scheduling SCPEs. Additionally, SCPE assignments are based on preceptor and clinical site availability.

Once SCPE sites and preceptor(s) are confirmed, the online scheduling system will be updated, and no further changes will be made without significant extenuating circumstances. However, if circumstances arise with the site or preceptor necessitating a change to an assignment, the clinical team will notify the student as soon as possible to allow sufficient time to make any necessary living/transportation arrangements.

Policy for Release of SCPE Schedule

The SCPE schedule is released in blocks as the assignments are finalized with external partners. 

Projected Typhon Schedule Release

  • Summer Schedule:  released no later than 90 days prior to the start of Block 1.
  • Fall Schedule:  released no later than the first Monday of Block #1.
  • Spring schedule:released no later than the first Monday of Block #5.

The SCPE site assignment is confirmed when it appears in the student Typhon schedule online. There are no auto-generated reminders or notifications.  It is the responsibility of the student to check the schedule weekly for any changes or updates!