ARC-PA 5th ed Standard A2.05, A3.15

Student progress is monitored and documented in a manner that promptly identifies deficiencies in knowledge or skills and establishes means for remediation as described herein. This policy aims to help the student master the material, not to improve the numerical grade.

Remediation is required for the following assessments:

  • Any exam scores below 75%
  • Any skills exam or Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) scores below 75%
  • Preceptor evaluation of student component score of less than “average” or an overall score below 75%
  • Unprofessional conduct, when warranted

Remediation: Assessments and Exam Failures, Academic Warning and Consequences

An academic warning will be issued for the student for the semester in which the assessment failure described above occurs.

  • The DCE or ADCE will be responsible for coordinating the remediation plan.
  • Remediation plans during the SCPE phase of the program will be made in a timely manner, considering the scheduled SCPEs, Callback days, proctored exams, and availability of SCPEs.
  • Failing the first remediation with a score below 75% will result in an additional opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the material for a second remediation assessment. If the student fails the second remediation, the student will be referred to the Academic Progression Committee.
  • If the student remediates the assessment successfully, the student remains on academic warning for the semester.
  • The DCE or ADCE will complete the Unsatisfactory Academic Assessment Performance form with documented remediation efforts and outcomes and return the completed remediation form to the PA office for placement in the student’s official file.
  • Professionalism is a core tenant of the Standards of Conduct. The program has zero-tolerance for violations of professionalism.  Failure to adhere to the professionalism policy will result in disciplinary action as described in Part II, Section 5, page 25. Should the student be placed on Academic Professionalism Warning or Probation, remediation of professionalism is mandatory and will be based upon the egregious nature of the violation of professionalism.
  • If there are critical errors in conduct, the student may be required to repeat the SCPE and be referred to the APC for dismissal from the Department of PA Studies.