Policies on Recording Program Activities and Use of Students with Previous Experience

Policy on Recording PA Program Activities

Students are strictly prohibited from photographing, recording, or videotaping any activity at clinical rotation sites. Such actions may be illegal and are cause for disciplinary action that may result in disciplinary action with consideration of dismissal from the PA Studies Program.

The PA program records all lecture sessions and makes them available to students via Blackboard. Students must obtain written permission before recording or videotaping lectures, small group, or laboratory sessions. Recordings may be shared with other students to learn or complete course material successfully but may not be used for any other purpose.

Failure to comply with these guidelines constitutes a violation of the Department of PA Studies’ professional behavior standards and is subject to disciplinary action.

Policy on Use of Students with Specific Prior Knowledge/Experience/Skills

ARC-PA 5th ed Standard A3.05

Students with specific prior knowledge, experiences, and skills may assist faculty in didactic and laboratory sessions to
share their knowledge and skills. However, students are prohibited from being the primary instructor or instructor of
record for any curriculum component and must subordinate to the instructor of record. (Standard A3.05)