About Us


To provide for every Gardner-Webb University student an opportunity to enhance academic decision-making through major exploration, academic planning, goal setting, and fulfillment of degree requirements.

Academic Advising Objectives

  • To assist students in comprehension and interpretation of the universities academic policies and procedures.
  • To foster the relationship between advisor and advisee as a key element to student academic success.
  • To ensure that students have access to reliable and valid academic advising services at all times throughout the academic week.
  • To encourage students to become involved in utilizing the student advisement process and services.
  • To assist students in developing an educational plan that incorporates their strengths, gifts, and life goals.
  • To assist students in evaluating academic decisions and degree progress.
  • To coordinate advising activities and provide direction and assistance to both faculty and students.
  • To assist students in the achievement of grades and grade point averages consistent with their abilities.
  • To improve the retention of students at Gardner-Webb University by providing quality advising services.
  • To ensure that advisors are informed as to the various campus resources that may be utilized for all referral purposes.
  • To maintain an on-going, in-service training program for all individuals involved in the delivery of academic advisement services.
  • To minimize the frustration of students, staff, faculty, and administrators during registration and drop-add periods.
  • To prepare and distribute materials to assist advisors in providing correct information to students regarding registration procedures, academic regulations, academic evaluations, and graduation requirements.
  • To encourage students to seek advisement from the designated advisor at least once each semester at times other than the peak periods of registration.