Your major in Math Education will provide the training and education you need to excel as a math teacher for secondary school students. 

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education

A GWU math class in session

A Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education will equip you with advanced mathematics skills and with methods for classroom instruction to help you excel as a math teacher for secondary school students, while providing the foundation for opportunities for a career in higher education.

Undergraduate Admissions

Offering skills in modern mathematics and computation, the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education also develops your knowledge of investigative teaching techniques, curriculum planning, effective student communication and more to prepare you for secondary education classroom instruction. A supervised field teaching experience will help prepare you for a career as a classroom mathematics teacher. The University’s Math Club provides additional opportunities for academic and professional growth through interaction with professors and classmates.

Gardner-Webb Mathematics Education alumni often work in public and private schools as math teachers. Others work at colleges and universities upon completion of graduate coursework. The degree also develops many transferrable skills, including critical thinking, problem diagnosis and solving, and computer and quantitative skills, that are valuable for professions in

  1. engineering
  2. research
  3. data processing

In addition to the University’s required general education and prerequisites, an additional 37 hours of credit is required for the Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education degree. A Professional Education minor of 29 credit hours is also required.

Additional information, including descriptions of specific courses and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education requires a minor in Professional Education. The minor includes 29 credit hours. Students will not be permitted to complete more than 50 percent of the minor until formally admitted to the Teacher Education Program. Students must be admitted into the Teacher Education Program a minimum of one full semester prior to the semester in which they student teach.

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