Dr. Don Olive

Don Olive

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy



Educational History

  • Ph.D. Experimental Nuclear Physics, Vanderbilt University Dissertation Title: Investigations of the Isovector Giant Dipole Resonance in 208Pb and 40Ca by (p, p' gamma) at 200 MeV and of the GDR X GDR Excitation in 208Pb by Intermediate Energy Heavy Ions
  • M.S. Physics, Vanderbilt University
  • B.A. Physics, Carson-Newman University, Jefferson City, Tennessee Honors Thesis: Sputter Ratios for 0.4 keV to 50 keV Cesium Ions Based on Scaled Sigmund Theory


Areas of Interest

  • Medium Energy Nuclear Reaction Dynamics
  • Astronomy: Photometry of Variable Stars
  • Technology and Pedagogy in Science Education
  • History of Science

Typical Classes Taught

  • Physics in Everyday Life - How Things Work (PHYS 103)
  • Astronomy (PHYS 104)
  • Science and Religion (BIOL 387)
  • General Physics I & II (PHYS 201, 202)
  • Physics for Engineers I & II (PHYS 203, 204)
  • Also teaches in the Honors Program