Department of Natural Sciences

Welcome to the Department of Natural Sciences

The Department of Natural Sciences strives to help students develop a strong science background and critical thinking skills through meaningful experiences in and out of the classroom. The department aims to prepare students for productive professional careers or for entry into graduate or professional schools. Balancing an interdisciplinary science foundation, the department maintains allegiance to Christian values, including faith, stewardship, ethics, and social responsibility.

GWU’s Department of Natural Sciences offers two majors: biology and chemistry. Graduates from these programs receive comprehensive instruction in their discipline within the context of a Christian environment.

Bulldog Profiles

Students and alumni of the Department of Natural Sciences share perspectives on the culture of learning and achievement at Gardner-Webb. Click on a profile below to learn more about their stories.

Amber Bellamy ’09 environmental science major, biology minor

Amber Bellamy ’09

As a student in the Department of Natural Sciences at Gardner-Webb University, Amber Bellamy ’09 appreciated the various ways her professors gave her glimpses of her future career. Each class included several hands-on activities that sharpened her research skills and prepared her for graduate school. An environmental science major with a minor in biology, Bellamy took advantage of every learning opportunity.

“I remember all of the bizarre smells that were generated in organic chemistry lab, going outside and playing in ecology, tasting lots of fruits in botany, field trips to one of Duke’s power plants and a wastewater treatment facility for environmental chemistry, stuffing my first animal in vertebrate zoology, collecting salamanders and losing one of them in my dorm room, observing Key deer and snorkeling in the Florida Keys, and collecting insects for invertebrate zoology,” Bellamy reflected.

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Amy Schmitt Boyer ’15, biological science major, chemistry/environmental science minor

Amy Schmitt Boyer '15

As an undergraduate student at Gardner-Webb University, Amy Schmitt Boyer ’15 studied six-lined racerunner lizards at the Broad River. Although the research tested her patience, the experience helped her secure a position in the graduate program at North Dakota State University (NDSU) in Fargo. “I learned that experimental design and methods are crucial in performing a surveying experiment,” reflected Boyer, a native of Waxhaw, N.C. “It also taught me the best way to present my research to the public.”

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Jeremy Griffin ’13, chemistry and biology double major

Jeremy Griffin ’13

Laboratory work that is tedious to some students fascinates Jeremy Griffin, a 2013 graduate of Gardner-Webb University. He discovered his interest in investigating molecules and compounds while preparing for pharmacy school.

“I started taking my prerequisite courses at GWU, and found that I was much more interested in chemistry,” reflected Griffin, a Vale, N.C., native. “Dr. Ben Brooks helped me make the connection that the study of chemistry is the study of how things in the universe work on a fundamental level. I chose organic chemistry because I liked the idea of being able to make new chemical compounds, and I have always enjoyed working with my hands.”

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