Gardner-Webb University Orchestra

University Orchestra

The University Orchestra (MUSC 386) also functions as Cleveland County's main orchestra. It is comprised of a full complement of strings, winds, brass and percussion. Numbering approximately 60-80 musicians depending upon repertoire, the orchestra performs several concerts per year. Though the orchestra is comprised primarily of GWU students and faculty, it also functions as a community orchestra for the entire region.

The Fall concerts feature masterworks such as overtures, symphonies, tone poems, dances, and waltzes and often accompanies GWU faculty, students, and local or internationally known solo performers. In the Spring, the Orchestra plays for the GWU Musical and also features winners from its Regional Concerto Competition in addition to other concerts. Winners are chosen from pre-college and college divisions and feature keyboard, instrumental, and vocal performers. This competition has been held bi-annually, and winners have included high school students and GWU students.

The ensemble often features premieres of GWU student composer works in the spring. Enrollment is by audition only, though strings may join without audition. The University Orchestra is a full member of the League of American Orchestras and the Association of Symphony Orchestras of North Carolina. Contact the Director of the University Orchestra, Dr. Patricia Sparti, for more information.

See the University Orchestra in Action

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