Your theater major will prepare you to pursue a career as a theater professional, a drama teacher at the secondary level, or even the leader of a drama ministry.

Bachelor of Arts in Theatre

"The Music Man" at GWU

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre provides students with a wide variety of talents to be applied in a career directly or indirectly related to the arts. 

Undergraduate Admissions

You will explore significant traditions and historical developments of the theatre and important movements in dramatic literature that make theatre a vital expression of the human experience.

You will also build skills in creative expression, critical thinking, and communication; demonstrate fundamental skills in stagecraft and theatre performance; and create theatre experiences for live audiences, demonstrating a synthesis of theory and practice.

Whether you choose to pursue something directly related to theatre or not, a background in theatre can equip you with marketable skillsets for a wide variety of careers.

Within the field of theatre, your degree can lead to the following careers:

  • Professional actor/actress
  • Director
  • Theatre educator
  • Arts management
  • Stage manager
  • Playwright

In addition to the Gardner-Webb University general education program requirements, 42 hours of credit is required for the Bachelor of Arts in Theatre degree. The student must then elect 12 additional hours from Theatre (THEA) offerings. These elected courses may be chosen from the offering of theater courses listed in the GWU catalog or may make arrangement for specialized/advance study with an instructor under the rubric Special Topics in Theatre (THEA 400).

Non-Theatre majors can choose Theatre as a minor area of concentration. A minor in Theatre can be earned upon completion of 18 hours (or 15 hours for Communication majors).

Students who choose to major in Theatre can choose any other university minor.

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