Department of Social Sciences Faculty and Staff

Photo of Elizabeth Amato

Dr. Elizabeth Amato
Assistant Professor of Political Science

Specializations: American Politics, Political Theory

  (704) 406-4466

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Photo of Casey Delehanty

Dr. Casey Delehanty
Assistant Professor of Global Studies

Specializations: Political Violence, International Relations, Comparative Politics, Forced Migration, Research Methodology

  (704) 406-3806

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Photo of Donna Ellington

Dr. Donna Ellington
Professor of History

Specializations: Medieval Europe, Women's History, History of Britain

  (704) 406-4467

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Photo of Bradley Phillis

Dr. Bradley Phillis
Assistant Professor of History

Specializations: Medieval Europe, the crusades, Flanders, history of the book

(704) 406-2406

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Photo of Joseph Moore

Dr. Joseph Moore
Department Chair, Associate Professor of History

Specializations: Early America, African American History, Atlantic World

  (704) 406-4468

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Photo of Robert Munoz

Dr. Robert Munoz
Professor of Sociology

Specializations: Economic Development, Socio-Economics of Rural America

  (704) 406-4470

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Photo of Donna Schronce

Donna Schronce

Instructor of Geography and Program Coordinator for Secondary Social Studies Licensure

  (704) 406-2406

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Photo of Dianne Sykes

Dr. Dianne Sykes

Associate Professor of Sociology
Specializations: Social Theory, Social Change, Gender, Minority Groups, and Criminal Justice

  (704) 406-3915

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Photo of Timothy Vanderburg

Dr. Timothy Vanderburg
Professor of History

Specializations: The New South, American Civil War, Industrialization

  (704) 406-4469

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Photo of David Yelton

Dr. David Yelton

Professor of History
Specializations: Modern Germany, Second World War

  (704) 406-4471

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Photo of Annmarie Reiley Kay

Ms. Annmarie Reiley-Kay
Museum Studies Director

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Photo of Kim Murray

Kim Murray
History Department Administrative Assistant

  (704) 406-4448