Foreign Language Placement Exams

All students at GWU must take three courses in the same language (101, 102, 201) as a graduation requirement. If a student took a foreign language in high school, it is possible that s/he already knows the information that is taught in these classes. That student should take the placement exam in order to know if s/he can exempt a class (possibly multiple classes), and in the process save some time and money. Once you are officially on campus as a student at GWU, schedule your placement exam with the departmental administrative assistant, Debbie Hill (, during orientation. You will get your results immediately and will be placed into the appropriate language class.

Students who earned a passing score on an AP language exam in high school or are able to exempt language requirements based on scores on other tests (SAT II, CLEP, etc) should contact the department chair, Dr. Bernhard Martin (, to discuss the situation.