Undergraduate Minors

Intercultural Communication

The Minor in Intercultural Communication consist of 1 200-level language course, 3 WLLC foundation courses (introduction to linguistics, intercultural communication, literature & film studies) and 2 selections from the courses offered in the comparative tier of the WLLC major. The main goal of the minor is to build the cultural awareness and intercultural competence of students.

Cultural Studies with Concentrations in French, German, and Spanish

The minor in Cultural Studies with Concentrations in French, German, and Spanish provides students with an opportunity to gain and demonstrate competence in language studies above and beyond the level specified by the University language requirement. It also provides an opportunity for students to gain a deeper knowledge of the history, culture, and politics of their chosen target culture. The minor will require the completion of 18 credit hours; 5 language courses (101-301) and 1 course focusing on culture, history, and politics.

A WLLC major and Cultural Studies minor in the same concentration are mutually exclusive. Courses taken in WLLC can only be used for one minor program (Cultural Studies or Language Minor).


GWU’s Interpreter Training Program consists of the ASL Major and the Interpreting Minor. This combination allows us to give greater weight to the development of language skills since Interpreting Skills are dependent on strong language skills. Our graduates have been very successful and our program is well respected for producing good interpreters ready to go to work. Our program integrates knowledge of interpreting with practice both in and out of class and real world experience. Our graduates qualify for Provisional Interpreting Licensure in NC and we work with them to prepare for the certification test with either EIPA or CASLI.