The International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) Program is structured to provide a strong academic foundation in international business through a comparative approach to global business.

International Master of Business Administration (IMBA)

international business class

An International Master of Business Administration will provide you with training focused on the relationship between business in global and domestic environments,preparing you for international careers and advancement in a variety of fields around the world.

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The IMBA program offers students the tools to experience an array of opportunities and meet a variety of challenges in the global business market. Through the use of practical techniques, foreign country experience, internships, service opportunities, course projects, course simulations and interaction with business leaders, you will gain the ability to analyze international business situations and effectively communicate in regards to economic, financial, social, legal, political and ethical factors that impact the world.

While focusing on international business principles, you will also further develop your knowledge of key business functions such as accounting, economics and marketing.

A master’s degree in International Business will prepare you for work with a variety of organizations, including:

  1. domestic and foreign corporations
  2. multinational service firms
  3. the state department and other government agencies
  4. export and import banks
  5. international trade firms
  6. international transportation, travel and hospitality
  7. financial institutions
  8. news and information services
  9. public education systems, colleges and universities

In addition to the University’s required prerequisites, the International Master of Business Administration includes 36 semester credit hours of graduate-level studies, with 12 core graduate business hours, 24 hours of international business graduate studies and a Capstone course in international trade, all of which must be completed within six calendar years.

Additional information, including specific courses and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.

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