School Administration Certificate

school administration certificate

The Add-on Licensure for Executive Leadership Studies School Administration Certificate will enhance your educational leadership skills beyond your master’s degree and teaching experience as you work toward a North Carolina state licensure in school administration.

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A SADM Certificate focuses on preparing experienced teachers to serve as educational administrators through training in both leadership theory and practice. The program provides a foundation in principles and procedures of school administration, curriculum development and instructional improvement, while developing the ability to evaluate teachers, their instruction and educational research.

Courses are offered in face-to-face and online formats. In the classroom option, coursework is strengthened by supplemental online activities such as webinars, discussion threads, collaborative assignments and assessments. The online-only option includes web-based assignments, online discussions and group activities. While there are no face-to-face meetings, some activities include chats, discussion boards and web-based curriculum content.

You will complete the program with an online electronic portfolio, which meets a requirement for North Carolina licensure.

The United States Department of Education requires institutions who offer Gainful Employment Programs to disclose specific data about each program to prospective students. The disclosure information is intended to help students make informed decisions about enrolling in a GE Program.

  • Master of School Executive Leadership Studies
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