Educational Specialist Degree (EdS) in Executive Leadership

GWU educational specialist student

The Educational Specialist Degree (EdS) in Executive Leadership is designed for potential and practicing educational leaders who aspire to develop and refine their leadership skills in complex organizations especially at the district office level.

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The Educational Specialist Degree program aims to equip candidates with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, and beliefs that will enable them to function effectively as leaders in fluctuating, complex, and dynamic educational environments. The Gardner-Webb University Executive Leadership Program utilizes a non-traditional approach to curriculum design and implementation with the incorporation of integrated modules as opposed to individual courses. The program’s vision is to provide a response to the ever changing economic, political, social, and technological environments present in today’s schools that are not isolated entities.

The Education Specialist in Executive Leadership degree program goals are:

  1. To engage candidates to critical analysis of educational theory and practice;
  2. To engage candidates in disciplined inquiry in the field of education;
  3. To prepare candidates for making contributions to educational theory and practice;
  4. To prepare candidates to become leaders in educational institutions; and
  5. To meet proficiency levels in licensure requirements.

Gardner-Webb University’s School of Education offers a learning environment that supports Christian values in the classroom. You will gain valuable professional preparation to succeed in your career and help your future students succeed in school. You will also benefit from spiritual support that prepares you for ethical, inspired leadership.

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