Exceptional Children

The concentration in exceptional children is designed to prepare candidates to teach and support diverse learners. This 14 credit hour concentration allows candidates to expand their existing knowledge and experience of teaching and learning to become successful teachers of exceptional children.

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Throughout this concentration, students will have diverse clinical experiences to allow theory to be integrated with practice.

Currently, this concentration is only open to elementary education majors.

In order to be recommended for licensure, candidates must pass the Elementary Education Licensure Tests and other licensure test(s) specifically for exceptional children.

In addition to the 14 credit hours for the exceptional children concentration, candidates must also successfully complete a dual student teaching experience (EDUC/EDU 450) in order to be recommended for licensure. The teaching experience will take place in both a regular education as well as in an exceptional children inclusion classroom.

Upon completing a degree in Elementary Education with the concentration in Exceptional Children, you will have the background knowledge and methodology needed to be effective when teaching exceptional learners. Candidates must pass all of the elementary education licensure exams, obtain their initial educator’s licensure, then successfully pass the examination for the EC General Curriculum licensure. The EC concentration will prepare you to take the EC licensure examination.

Students in the Concentration in Exceptional Children will take the following courses:

  • ECED/ECE 270: Critical Components of Special Education*
  • ECED/ECE 370: Specially Designed Instruction for Exceptional Learners
  • ECED/ECE 380: Communication and Collaboration with Stakeholders
  • ECED/ECE 425: Providing Instruction - Continuum of Alternative Exceptional Children Placements**
  • EDUC/EDU 450: Student Teaching

* This class is a prerequisite for the other courses.

** This course must be taken the semester prior to student teaching.

Additional information, including descriptions of specific courses and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.

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