Do you have questions about applying to the Exercise Science Program at Gardner-Webb?  Visit this page to read the answers to commonly-asked questions.

Exercise Science Program Application FAQs

What are the factors that are considered for acceptance into the major?

The Exercise Science major is one of the more competitive majors at the University. Grade point average and success in science courses is very important. Simply meeting the GPA requirement does not guarantee admission to the major. The application is evaluated more favorably when there is a clear intent to pursue this major, evidenced by the completion of some courses included in the major in addition to the prerequisite courses with high grades, particularly the science courses. Evidence of participation in extracurricular activities and volunteer work related to exercise science professions is also considered.

What should be included in my Statement of Professional Goals?

Applicants must provide a Statement of Professional Goals with a clear statement of intent, which should indicate the chosen track (Health Fitness, Health Science, or Pre-Professional). Applicants should describe their academic, professional, and occupational goals and specific interests, and explain why they are interested in health fitness or pre-professional studies. Factors that point to a strong commitment to exercise science, as well as any extenuating factors that should be considered regarding the application should also be included. Describe characteristics that will make you successful in the field of exercise science. Goal statements are rated on content and presentation. Typographical errors and poor grammar will reduce the strength of the statement.

Whom should I ask to complete the recommendation forms of my behalf?

Clearly, strong recommendations are especially important. At least one recommendation form must be from a professor of a science-based course that the applicant has taken at Gardner-Webb University. Forms completed by persons who are familiar with the exercise science program at GWU, who know the faculty in the program, or who are members of one of the many organizations associated with exercise science and sports medicine are especially encouraged. Completed forms from family members will not be accepted.

If I have not completed all of the prerequisites (e.g., BIOL 204), can I still apply?

If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite or will complete the prerequisite prior to beginning the program, you may apply. In such cases, only provisional acceptance will be extended and full admission will occur if provisional stipulations are met (e.g., GPA, grade in prerequisite to be completed).

What extracurricular activities will help to make my application stronger?

Various extracurricular opportunities exist for students to demonstrate a firm commitment to a career in exercise science. This commitment is more compelling when the student has volunteered or participated in activities closely associated with exercise science, outside of sports participation. These include working and/or volunteering in exercise testing programs, fitness programs, research activities, and observational hours. In addition, the well-motivated applicant may show evidence of membership in one or more of the various student or professional associations related to health or fitness and sport, such as the GWU Exercise Science Club, the American College of Sports Medicine and/or National Strength and Conditioning Association, and/or hold certifications sponsored by those associations.

How do I obtain and submit a GWU unofficial transcript and/or transcripts of previous college or university work?

Applicants are required to provide a GWU unofficial transcript showing grades for all college or university academic work with the major application. For coursework completed at Gardner-Webb, a GWU unofficial transcript is acceptable. Click here to print an unofficial transcript. Submit all application materials at one time, including transcript(s).