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Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN)

RN to BSN Graduate

The  Davis Nursing RN-BSN Program will prepare you for leadership positions in your career as a Registered Nurse (RN). Emphasizing holistic healthcare grounded in Christian values, the curriculum focuses on clinical competence, therapeutic relationships, and social awareness.

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During your RN-BSN education, you’ll master the art of effective communication with patients, families, and colleagues. You’ll learn how to manage care for a large group of patients, and you’ll learn about ethical and legal standards. You’ll develop  an  understanding of evidence-based research and research methodology as well as the theory of nursing practice and research. You’ll build your leadership skills, preparing you to lead within your field.  Gardner-Webb’s Hunt School of Nursing is inspired and grounded by an important mission: Making an impact on the health of our global community by preparing professionals to practice nursing from a holistic, value-centered mindset.

Gardner-Webb maintains productive partnerships with community healthcare facilities, providing students with valuable opportunities for service learning. You’ll learn about  providing  patient-centered care, evidence-based practice, and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The University also participates in the North Carolina RN to BSN Uniform Articulation Agreement, allowing you, as a registered nurse with an Associate in Nursing degree from a NC Community College, to complete a BSN in as little as 1 year by following the NCCC RN-BSN 5 block degree program.

You can find employment at hospitals, medical centers, schools, nursing home, rehab centers, and more. With additional education, you can pursue careers in research or administration or choose to specialize in various nursing fields.

Many of our students continue their education right here at Gardner-Webb, where we also offer Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in education or administration, or Doctor or Nursing Practice (DNP) in leadership, Family Nurse Practitioner (DNP-FNP), or Psychiatric Mental Health (DNP-PMHNP). 

We were glad to learn of your interest in our RN to BSN Program. This program prepares working nurses for leadership positions in their careers as a Registered Nurse. The program is taught online and students can begin in either the Fall (August, October) or Spring (January, March) or Summer (May) semester. Students have the option of taking classes over 8-weeks or 15-weeks. Please click on the link to read more about the RN to BSN Program admission and degree requirements.

Required Davis RN-BSN Courses (10 courses/30 credit hours)

Course NumberCredit HoursCourse Name
NUR 300 or 500*3Concepts in Professional Nursing
NUR 3013Research
NUR 3122Advanced Health Assessment 
NUR 303 or 501*3Trends in Healthcare
NUR 3073Communication Skills in Nursing
NUR 4023Nursing Care of Older Adult
NUR 4034Leadership/Management
NUR 4093Senior Seminar
NUR 4124Comm & Public Health Nursing
NUR 4152Comm & Public Health Practicum

*NUR 500 and 501 (MSN courses) can be substituted in place of BSN courses

Required General Education Courses (13 courses/37 credit hours)

Course NumberCredit HoursCourse Name
Quantitative Dimensions
MTH 3093Finite Math
MTH 316/105*3Statistics
Dimensions of Communication
ENG 101/1113Composition I
ENG 102/1123Composition II
LIB 301 or NUR 290 in ASN program1Library Research
ENG 311/2113British Lit I
ENG 312-2123British Lit II
ENG 331/2313American Lit I
ENG 332/2323American Lit II
ENG 351/2513World Lit I
ENG 351/2523World Lit II
Dimensions of Faith
REL 304/1013OT Survey
REL 305/1023NT Survey
Dimensions of Heritage
SSC 3053Global Understanding
PSC 302/POLS 2023Political Science US Gov
one of the following
HIS 301/1013Western Civ I
HIS 302/1023Western Civ II
HIS 319/245/132320th Century US History
Dimensions of Self
HPE 338/HLED 2213Hea Main, Prom, & Wel
one of the following
ART 307/2253Art Survey
MUS 320/2253Music Survey
FRE 300/Theatre 2353Aspects of French Culture
SPN 3003Aspects of Spanish Culture
GER 3003Aspects of German Culture
Dimensions of Scientific Inquiry
Two of the following
SCI 3023Physical Science
SCI 3033Human Biology
SCI 3223Environment 
BIO 1053Microbiology
BIO 2033A & P I
BIO 2043A & P II

*Statistics is required for any student wishing to pursue a Masters Degree or higher.

Admission to the Davis RN-BSN program occurs each semester with flexible scheduling available. Students may take up to 20 hours per semester according to each individual student's personal goals, life circumstances, or financial situations. Student's can transfer in up to 40 hours of course credit.

Provisional admission may be granted prior to the receipt of immunization records and a criminal background check. All transcripts must be received by the admissions office for GPA calculation for this to occur.  

  • GOAL - The Degree Completion Program application
  • Official transcripts of previously attended institutions to:
  • Completion of Associate of Science in Nursing degree or hospital diploma
  • Unrestricted current RN license
  • 1 year of nursing experience within the past 5 years or completion of nursing program within the past 1 year
  • Minimum GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. Students with 64 or more college credit hours will only have their last 64 hours of GPA calculated for admissions. Students with less than 64 will have their cumulative GPA evaluated for admission. 
  • Criminal Background Check, package code GA99

Financial Aid Form at FAFSA. Our school code is 002929. We recommend early application!

We offer an RN to MSN bridge within this program, so please let us know if graduate school is something you are also considering.

Our online nursing programs ranked #9 nationwide!

If you would like to have your transcripts evaluated, please email Kristina Moore for further information.

The RN to MSN program is designed to facilitate an acceleration and integrated progression for students enrolled in the RN to BSN Program to the MSN Program.

This program of study allows nurses to apply six hours of graduate course credit to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. Two courses in the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program may be substituted for two courses in the RN to BSN program, allowing students to graduate with their BSN degree and complete their MSN program in 30 additional semester hours of courses.

Registered Nurses must be accepted into the RN to BSN Program. Students should notify their Academic Advisor of their intent to enter the RN to MSN accelerated course of study.

Upon approval by the RN to BSN advisor, two courses in the MSN curriculum (NURS 500 Theoretical Basis for Advanced Practice and NURS 501: Nursing and Health Care Systems and Issues) will be substituted for two courses in the BSN curriculum (NURS 300: Concepts in Professional Nursing and NURS 303: Trends in Healthcare) respectively. Students will receive the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree upon completion of the RN to BSN requirements with the substituted courses. Students may then apply to the MSN program to complete the remaining 30 hours of the MSN course requirements. Students must meet all admission requirements for the MSN Program.

At any time in the RN to BSN Program, students who wish to continue for the MSN at Gardner-Webb may consult with their Academic Advisor. If compatible with the individual's professional and personal goals, the faculty encourages students to continue their education in nursing. The MSN Program is in the University's Graduate School and is tailored for adult, working students.

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