Program Costs

Application Fee


The Gardner-Webb University Physician Assistant Program will use CASPA for its 2015 application cycle.  CASPA is open for submissions in Mid-April and can be found at


Non-Refundable Deposit


Prior to November 1st, candidates who accept a seat must pay a $1,000 non-refundable deposit within two weeks of notification of acceptance in order to hold their seat.  For seats offered after November 1st, the candidates must pay the $1,000 non-refundable deposit within one week of notification of acceptance in order to hold their seat. This money will be applied toward first semester tuition costs. Accepted candidates who do not pay the $1,000 deposit within the required time frame forfeit their seat.


Required to Matriculation (Seat Offered)


Expense Required to MatriculateAmount
Background check and drug screen (pre-matriculation;before clinical)$100
Immunization or immunity verify (pre-matriculation)$20
Health insurance (pre-matriculation; yearly) – estimate$1,500
Basic Cardiac Life Support$300
Infection Control$50
Professional Organization Dues 
NCAPA (once for 28 months)$10
AAPA (once for 28 months)$75


Tuition and Fees

The standard graduate tuition DOES NOT apply to students who matriculate into the GWU Physician Assistant Studies Program. The following table outlines the expected tuition and fees associated with attending the Gardner-Webb University Physician Assistant Program (based on the 2013-2014 academic year).  Please realize that rates can change from year to year-based on economics and the university and program needs.  


SemesterTuitionGeneral Fees
Spring - PA1$10,876$400
Summer - PA1$10,876$400
Fall - PA1$10,876$400
Spring - PA2$11,420$400
Summer - PA2$11,420$400
Fall - PA2$11,420$400
Spring - PA3$11,420$400


Charge Reduction Policy for Class (Program) Withdrawal


Registration in the University is considered a contract binding the student for charges for the entire semester. However, it is the policy of Gardner-Webb University to give pro-rata charge reductions through 60% of the enrollment period in the event a student OFFICIALLY WITHDRAWS FROM SCHOOL. Graduate program students may withdraw by telephoning or emailing the Registrar’s office. A confirmation will be sent when the withdrawal is complete. The withdrawal date is the date this process begins. Note:  Due to the progressive nature of the GWU PA Program, a withdrawal from any class constitutes a withdrawal from all classes and the entire program. 


Reductions will be computed on total charges for tuition but not on fees. Students leaving school for disciplinary reasons will not be eligible for any reduction and will be liable for the entire semester’s charges. For purposes of interpreting this policy the pro-rata charge reduction percentage is equal to the number of calendar days (includes weekends) remaining in the semester divided by the number of calendar days in the semester. No charge reduction will be given after the 60% period of enrollment for the semester.


When a student’s charges are reduced, Federal, State, Institutional and Non-institutional Aid will be adjusted in accordance with the regulations governing the respective programs. Please contact the University Business Office for current regulations concerning these programs. Leaving the University without officially withdrawing may result in a student forfeiting all financial aid and, thus, becoming responsible for the entire balance.


Program Required Expenses


The table below includes estimates of additional expenses incurred by the students.


Expense Required in Program (estimates)
Diagnostic medical equipment $800
Technology supplies (computer, iPad, etc.)$2,500
Textbooks and misc. supplies $1,000
Lab coat/s$100
Graduate Parking Sticker (per year)$40
Online Class Fee (per year)$30


Other Expenses


This table estimates living and travel related expenses incurred by the student.


Other Expenses (estimates)
Year OneYear TwoYear Three
Rent and Utilities ($800/month)$9,600$9,600$4,000
Meals ($14/day)$5,000$5,000$1,680
Travel expenses – didactic ($100/month)$1,200$400$0
Travel expenses – clinical ($200/month)$0$2,000$1,000