Mission, Values, and Goals

Gardner-Webb University Mission Statement

Gardner-Webb University, a private, Christian, Baptist-related university, provides outstanding undergraduate and graduate education that is strongly grounded in the liberal arts while offering opportunities to prepare for various professions. Fostering meaningful intellectual thought, critical analysis, and spiritual challenge within a diverse community of learning, Gardner-Webb is dedicated to higher education that integrates scholarship with Christian life. By embracing faith and intellectual freedom, balancing conviction with compassion, and inspiring a love of learning, service, and leadership, Gardner-Webb prepares its graduates to make significant contributions for God and humanity in an ever-changing global community.

Physician Assistant Program Mission

Develop knowledgeable and caring Physician Assistants who practice competent patient-centered primary care in diverse environments.

Physician Assistant Program Values

The values of the GWU PA Studies Program reflect a commitment to respect, ethical behavior, and integrity in personal and professional service that are established upon the foundation of Christian values and faith, in agreement with the Gardner-Webb University mission.

Physician Assistant Program Goals and Outcomes

  1. Admit highly qualified applicants capable of successfully completing the Gardner-Webb University Physician Assistant Studies Program.
  2. Deliver diverse curriculum that prepares students for entry-level clinical practice.
  3. Cultivate a commitment of service to medically underserved populations.
  4. Encourage the professional development of students and faculty.
  5. Strive to achieve and maintain PANCE pass rates equivalent to or exceeding the national average.

Gardner-Webb University and its Physician Assistant Studies Program are committed to these goals and will communicate them through our teaching, role modeling, and clinical practice.