Outside Researchers

Obtaining permission to access GWU students or other personnel for outside research

  1. Submit request via email to irb@gardner-webb.edu. Request should include signed and approved IRB Application from sponsoring institution. Document should be sent as email attachment in .pdf or .doc format.

  2. When required details have been provided, the request will be sent to the Chair of the IRB. The IRB Chair will submit the request to the appropriate office(s) on campus, e.g. Vice President for Student Development for student access and Vice President for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness for faculty/staff access. The appropriate Vice President will then consult with other appropriate personnel, e.g. Associate Provosts, Vice President for Athletics, Dean of GBP School of Graduate Studies, Dean of GOAL-DCP, Dean or Chair of Academic Departments, Director of Human Resources, etc.

  3. Upon receipt of approval or denial of request for access, the IRB Chair will contact researcher and, if necessary, provide further instructions.