Graduation Information

Commencement Details for Graduating Students

  1. Letter from the Provost
  2. Commencement Instructions
  3. Important Graduation Details
  4. Cap and Gown Information
  5. Request to be Excused from Commencement

 **As a matter of routine procedure, all individuals who plan to attend the Gardner-Webb University Commencement Service will be subject to electronic screening by University Police. Bags and other items you wish to bring into the facility will also be subject to search prior to entering. Please note that cow bells, air horns, and other noise makers will not be permitted. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated in an effort to make this event as safe and dignified as possible. Thank you!**

A list of students who have completed or are completing their degree requirements and are participating in the upcoming Commencement ceremonies is available in WebbConnect. If your name appears on the list, your application for graduation has been received by the Registrar Services Office. It is currently being audited, and your advisor will be notified if any problems are found.

Please note that full names are listed. Your full name will be used in the bulletin and on the diploma. Further information concerning Commencement exercises and times will be sent to your Gardner-Webb email address.

Applications for graduation must be received in the Registrar Services Office according to the deadline dates published in our Academic Calendar for each program. Check with your advisor should you have questions about submission of your application for graduation.