International Study Application

Application for International Study

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Costa Rica

Name___________________________________________________________________  GWU ID No._____________

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Program in which you are currently enrolled (please circle one):       GOAL        DAY        ADN

Mailing Address_________________________________________________________________________

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Expected GWU Graduation Date ______  ______     Cumulative GPA_____________________

                                                     Mo.          Yr.

Transfer Institution

Semester & Year

International Course No.

GWU Equivalent Course No.

Dept. Chair's Signature
(for the Subject Area)


Are any of these courses repeats of courses you have taken previously     Yes______    No______

If so, did you take it at Gardner-Webb Yes_____    No____    If not at GWU, then where ________________

Reason for requesting transient credit:__________________________________________________________

I have read the conditions for taking International credit, and I understand them completely. 


_________________________________________            ____________

                Student's Signature                                                   Date


Student, you must completely fill-in the above information and obtain the appropriate signatures.  Bring to the Registrar's Office last, after the form is completely filled out.  The form must be turned in before final exams begin in the semester prior to the term in which you are requesting approval to enroll in International study.  If it is turned in after final exams begin, it is possible that it will not be processed before the courses begin.


Advisor: At the conclusion of the semester in which the student wishes to take International study, the student will have


(circle one)    24/32 or more               less than 24/32


hours remaining to graduate from Gardner-WebbUniversity.  Hours taken simultaneously must be excluded when calculating hours remaining.

Advisor:  I approve this request.     _____________________________        ____________        __________

                                                                    Advisor's Signature                       Campus Box               Date

Director of Int'l programs.              _____________________________        ____________        __________

                                                                         Signature                                Campus Box               Date


After ensuring the form is completed turn in to the Registrar's Office.  You and your advisor will be notified about the approval/disapproval by e-mail once the Registrar's Office has reviewed the form.