School of Education: Measure #3

All professional education programs, bachelor’s level and graduate level licensure programs, at Gardner-Webb University are state approved by the North Carolina State Board of Education (SBE)

Employer Satisfaction

Satisfaction of employers and employment milestones (Component 4.3/A.4.1)


In 2019, the Department of Public Instruction in North Carolina put in place new accountability measures.  Please visit  EPP Performance for more information about the portal, as well as a more.  Below is the data related to Employer Satisfaction:

Employer Satisfaction undergraduate graph

The results indicate that overall, GWU initial licensure completers are rated as “more effective” by their employers.  One area where improvements need to be made are first-year teachers being more active in the Professional Learning Community (PLC).   Another area for improvement would be ability to work with English Language Learners (ELL) Students.  The majority of items on the evaluation show that 50% (or more) of GWU completers are rated as “more effective” or “much more effective”. 


Due to COVID-19, the data related to employer satisfaction was not collected by NC DPI for the following year.