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Hard wired into the Gardner-Webb DNA is service. It is why our students are regularly honored by the White House for community engagement. It is why we’ve sent thousands of missionaries into the world to share the gospel and advance sustainable living. It is why our alumni are leaders in their communities.

Creation Care 

We take a little different approach to environmental awareness at GWU! Our emphasis centers on caring for God’s creation as our motive for sustainability and environmental initiatives.

Single-stream recycling on campus

Gardner-Webb is a single-stream recycling campus – which means that all recyclable materials go into the same recycle bins.

Earth Week Events

Each spring during the third week in April, campus groups sponsor events for EarthWeek. These include community cleanup events and speakers to raise awareness.

Healthy Eating Initiatives

We work with the Foothills Farmers’ Market to promote healthy, local food for students. By serving in the community gardens at local schools, we also encourage this throughout the community.

Ethical Reflection and Critical Thinking

The Center is extremely proud to sponsor an annual lineup of speakers across a wide spectrum that spark reflection and thought throughout the campus.

Our goal is to become a venue that sponsors the difficult conversation, and leaves space to discuss and understand the variety of ideas. While we hold to unapologetically Christian ideals of higher education, we also welcome contrasting ideas to join us at the table.

Social Entrepreneurship

Social Entrepreneurship is a movement that leads innovative people to address social problems through imagination and creative action. They do this by starting new initiatives, revitalizing old ones, or transforming current institutions to be better at addressing the problems of society.

Anyone can be a social entrepreneur, if they utilize their knowledge and understanding to move in a new problem-solving direction. These innovations “unleash human potential” to come up with real solutions to clearly identified problems.

What’s your big idea?

Do you have ideas that can make a difference in local and global communities—such as the Rescue Race sponsored by GWU’s Release the Captives? Would you like some support to get those ideas up and running? We want to hear from you! The IMPACT Center, in partnership with the Godbold College of Business, is seeking student entrepreneurs who have a heart for making the world a better place. If you need a boost to get started with your BIG idea, then contact the Center, or Godbold’s Dean, Professor Mischia Taylor.

Academic Service Learning and Community Engagement

Service learning is an active learning practice that connects the classroom directly to the needs of the community. It elevates serving to a new level by connecting social action to student learning and curriculum.

Community engagement is an individual or group effort to work collaboratively with local partners and address issues that impact the well-being of the community. Our goal is to encourage students to move beyond a basic mindset of volunteerism and into a lifestyle of service.

We engage in community partnerships that create high impact learning practices to meet local and global needs. Service learning inspires students to ask the life question, “What will my IMPACT be?”

Local Education: GWU Making a Difference!

Gardner-Webb students invest in guiding underserved students in the local community through the Cleveland County School System. We are the largest volunteer organization involved in local schools. Our partnerships include various facets such as academic enrichment, community gardens, food ministries, lunch buddies, and teacher support.

This year, the IMPACT Center received recognition for their service with Graham Elementary, and received the Community Partners Award for their support of Boys and Girls Clubs.

Monday Matters

Wondering how you will get to your service project? Our Monday Matters initiative will help students in service learning classes get to various projects with our local partners. Vehicles will depart and return from Tucker Student Center every 2-3 hours throughout the day.

In the evenings, we will host eight Reflection Nights, to interact with one another about serving. Gather around the tables in Tucker with other members o the Gardner-Webb community to reflect on your service projects and talk honestly about the tough issues of society and culture.