PACE Schedule and Courses

Fall 2020 Schedule

CRNCourse DescriptionFacultyDateCost
PACE 100Para Legal CertificationDr. Angelina Smith10/17 – 11/14 @ 9 a.m.$1,498
PACE 107 An Introduction to Type II DiabetesDr. David Granniss10/31 @ 6 p.m.$49
PACE 125TEAS Prep CourseDr. David Granniss/Dr. Matthew Duffus1/30 – 2/6 @ 9 a.m.$115 for GWU student/$125 for non-GWU student
PACE 150Geological Hazards: Danger UnderfootDr. David Campbell11/7 @ 9 a.m.$70
PACE 200Body Life: Church Dynamics Amid Deep Change in a Post COVID-19 ContextDr. Terry Casino11/21 @ 9 a.m.$40
PACE 201American Red Cross Adult CPR/AED CertificationDr. Deborah Ware10/31 @ 9 a.m.$50
PACE 301Microsoft Excel 1 for School, Business & Home CertificatesDr. Lily Xiao11/09 & 11/10 @ 6 p.m.$79
PACE 302Microsoft Excel 2 for School, Business & Home CertificatesDr. Lily Xiao11/16 & 11/17 @ 6 p.m.$89
PACE 303Microsoft Excel 3 for School, Business & Home CertificatesDr. Felice PolicastroNovember 19 & 20 – 6 p.m.$99
PACE 305Crisis Management in the COVID-19 EraDr. Mickey Metcalf10/10 9 a.m.$70
PACE 308Software Testing 1Prof. Roland Omoresemi10/26-11/6 @ 6 p.m.$500
PACE 309Creating a Small Internet Business During COVID-19 Era: Finance, Marketing, Legal, etc.Dr. Jamaal Edwards11/2$150
PACE 310/311QuickBooks for Home and Business – Save Money on your TaxesProf. Ghassan Dib10/29 & 10/30$89
PACE 312How to Use Robert’s Rule (RONR) 12th Edition in Conducting Online & Face-to-Face MeetingsDr. Mickey Metcalf11/7 @ 9 a.m.$40
PACE 393/394/395SAP Lite/SAP Lite Plus/SAP FullDr. Amy SteelTBD/SAP Lite Plus: 10/12 – 12/11/TBD$900/$4,000/$8,800
PACE 400Teaching in the Post COVID-19 Era: For All Educators & Stakeholders (Parents Included)Dr. Anita Sanders10/3, 10/10 & 10/17 (Saturdays) @ 9 a.m.$100

Course Descriptions

The program relates to areas of law in which paralegals are in high demand and is taught by attorneys that are highly respected in their areas of law. Students will learn an overview of the law, and will receive training to prepare legal documents, research the law, interview witnesses, and assist in preparation for litigation. The program is designed for those looking to increase their knowledge and training in the legal workplace, or seeking a career as a paralegal. Upon graduation, you will receive a certificate and be qualified to fill relevant positions in banks, insurance companies, real estate companies, private law offices, corporations, and government agencies.

PACE 108 – Using diet & exercise to improve your health

This course will help participants answer fundamental questions about diet and exercise. It will also guide participants in the blending of changes to improve diet, exercise habits and well being.

Dr. David J Granniss is the Chair, Professor and teaches in the Exercise Science program at Gardner-Webb University. He earned is PhD in Exercise Physiology from Springfield College and also holds certifications with the National Strength & Conditioning Association and the International Society of Sports Nutrition. He resides in Shelby with his wife and two teenage sons.

PACE 109 – Caring for individuals with advanced illness

Caring for individuals with advanced illness and limited life expectancy creates many questions and challenging conversations. This course is designed as an overview of physical, social, and emotional considerations as you care for individuals facing end of life. Participants will have an opportunity to discuss end-of-life issues with an experienced health care professional in this highly interactive online workshop.

PACE 110 – Psychological response to post-COVID-19

This seminar is based on psychological research. The presenter has designed it for high school and college educators and counselors who anticipate plans for a healthy “New Normal” 2020-21 academic school year. Participants will also gain knowledge to understand and preapare for traumatic stress symptomology. Particular attention will be given to important self-care strategies while supporting and caring for students. Educators and counselors are resilient and tenacious in caring for students, and it is important for educators to have collaborative tools to feel supported as they are providing support.

PACE 301 – EXCEL Level 1

Taught by Godbold School of Business professor Dr. Felice Policastro, this Microsoft Excel 1 workshop is designed for all who wish to know how to use Microsoft Excel for their business, school, or place of work. Excel is a spreadsheet app that allows you to create, view, edit, and share files quickly and easily, in addition to managing spreadsheets, table, and workbooks attached to email messages. At the end of the interactive workshop, participants will receive a certificate.

PACE 302 – EXCEL Level 2

Taught by Godbold School of Business professor Dr. Felice Policastro, this Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2 workshop is designed for all excel basic users who wish to learn intermediate advance functions of Microsoft Excel for their business, school, or place of work. This workshop will cover the use of formulas in a table, prepare a workbook for distribution, work with PivotTable, GETPIVOTDATA, etc. At the end of the interactive workshop, participants will receive a certificate.

PACE 341 – The science of climate change on human health

An introduction to evidence based causes of Global Climate change. Students will also have opportunity to explore different changes to the natural environment, ecosystems and human societies caused directly or indirectly by global climate change. Effects on organism, human health, agriculture and international implications will be examined.

PACE 393/394/395 – SAP Lite/SAP Lite Plus/SAP Full

SAP is the market leader in enterprise application software. With a command of SAP, you have employment opportunities across 25 industries including energy and national resources, financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, public services, and services industries. This is a ten-week full time program of hands on instruction. Students complete 5 non-credit courses.

Available to transitioning soldiers, veterans and traditional students. Completion of the program and passing the TS 410 Certificate exam will result in SAP Certification.

“The course provided me with a priceless opportunity to meet and interact with active duty and veterans of various branches of the armed forces, as well as other individuals who are doing amazing things in their careers and lives. It also provided me the opportunity to learn a new skill that will compliment my current skill set and allow me to have broader opportunities for roles throughout several different industry types.” – Corey L. Brown

“I didn’t anticipate learning and retaining quality material, but the curriculum really worked. The long hours created a bond with the other students and instructors that has definitely impacted my life for the better.” – Vanessa Green