PACE Schedule and Courses

Spring 2021 Schedule

PACE 100Para Legal CertificationDr. Angelina Smith9/18 @ 9 a.m.$1,498
PACE 125TEAS Prep CourseDr. David Granniss9/25 & 10/2 @ 9 a.m.$115 for GWU student/$125 for non-GWU student
PACE 126CPA Certificate Prep CourseDr. Ghassan Dib10/9 @ 6 p.m.$700
PACE 127CFP Certificate Prep CourseCFP Board10/23 @ 6 p.m.$1,200
PACE 170American Sign Language (ASL)Ms. Linda Gelzer & Kayla Edwards6/19 @ 6 p.m.$40
PACE 200Choosing the InsuranceDr. Chad Nichols3/27 @ 9 a.m.$70
PACE 222Effective Personal Finance & CreditDr. Chad Nichols7/24 @ 9 a.m.$70
PACE 303Microsoft Excel 3 for School, Business & Home CertificatesDr. Felice Policastro3/22 @ 6 p.m.$99
PACE 308Software Testing 1Prof. Roland Omoresemi7/24 @ TBD$500
PACE 309How to Create an Internet Family BusinessDr. Jamaal Edwards9/25 @ 6 p.m.$150
PACE 317Quick books, Payroll & TaxesDr. Ghassan Dib3/8-9 @ 6 p.m.$89
PACE 318Casino, Hotel & Tourism Management CertificateCharlotte HTA3/18-19 @ 6 p.m. 3/20 @ 9 a.m.$1,500
PACE 319Investments & Stock MarketProf. P. Slater3/1 @ 6 p.m.$70
PACE 450Summer Music Eucator Book Studies 1Dr. Eric Johnson7/7 @ 1 p.m.$40
PACE 451Summer Music Eucator Book Studies 2Dr. Eric Johnson8/4 @ 1 p.m.$40
PACE 470Into to Business Analytics CertificateTeam Teaching8/21 @ 9 a.m.$150
PACE 471Big Data Analytics CertificateTeam Teaching8/28 @ 9 a.m.$150
PACE 472Into to BlockchainTeam Teaching9/11 @ 9 a.m.$150
Special Religious Certificate with 3 COURSES
PACE 400Shouldn’t We Hate Our Enemies? Examining Ester, Ruth & JonahDr. Eddie Stepp2/20, 2/27, & 3/6 @ 6 p.m.$40
PACE 401Dealing With Crisis: Engaging the PsalmsDr. Paula Qualls3/20, 3/27 @ 9 a.m.$40
PACE 402The Apostle Paul & The End TimesDr. Anna Sieges Beal4/10, 4/17, 4/24 @ 9 a.m.$40
For PA, Nursing and Healthcare Professionals
PACE 500/1Healthcare Legal & Ethical Issues #1Dr. Mickey Metcalf3/15, 3/16, & 3/6 @ 6 p.m.$237
PACE 500/2Healthcare Legal & Ethical Issues #1Dr. Mickey Metcalf3/22, 3/23 @ 6 p.m.$237
Summer Executive Leadership Bootcamp 2021
PACE 700Summer Executive Leadership Bootcamp 2021Team Taught7/5 – 7/8 @ 11 a.m.$1750

Gardner-Webb University PACE reserves the right to postpone, cancel or delete any course based on insufficient enrollment or other factors that may affect the class.


“PACE provided me with a priceless opportunity to meet and interact with active duty and veterans of various branches of the armed forces, as well as other individuals who are doing amazing things in their careers and lives. It also provided me the opportunity to learn a new skill that will compliment my current skill set and allow me to have broader opportunities for roles throughout several different industry types.” – Corey L. Brown

“I didn’t anticipate learning and retaining quality material, but the curriculum really worked. The long hours created a bond with the other students and instructors that has definitely impacted my life for the better.” – Vanessa Green

“As a middle school teacher, the information was very useful and eye opening.  I was unaware of the different ways the pandemic could affect not only my students, but my colleagues as well.  I feel more capable of helping my students and colleagues adjust better now that we need to get back into the swing of things.” – Becky Armburger

“I love taking GWU PACE courses because they are affordable and have helped me tremendously in my community.  I have more confidence now to volunteer in my community projects and it feels good to be given back.  Thank you PACE for providing these courses at a reasonable price and time that are very convenient to all.  I am looking forward to taking more courses.” – Jane Brow (JB)

“I am a medical doctor and my wife insisted that I take this PACE course with her.  I was glad I did.  The instruction was excellent and the interaction in the class with other participants was well managed by the teacher.  To my surprise, I had many take-aways that I am now using in my practice. The course was very practical and impactful.” – Dr. J.E. Halstead