Searight PACE Human Resource Management Certificate

Get ready to meet the challenges of a high-tech, global marketplace with Searight PACE Courses that teach today’s most in-demand skills.

Your Learning Experience

Gardner-Webb University Searight PACE Program combines theory with practical application, and flexibility, to give you a holistic view of real-world and strategic HR management that includes an overview of people analytics. At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Learn about designing pay structures, developing employee policies, communicating employee benefits, selecting payroll systems and working with the executive team to develop hiring and employment goals
  • Understand the basic principles of using HR analytics to improve collaboration between employees and between departments to meet goals, whether it’s driving innovation or efficiency
  • Leverage data analysis to separate skill from luck; identify internal biases; and understand the staffing cycles of hiring, internal mobility, and attrition
  • Motivate individual performance, design reward systems, and create a desirable work environment
  • Create a mindset around systems of work versus individual jobs, focusing on retention and employee potential
  • Design an organizational structure built for recruiting top talent and competitive advantage

SHRM Certified Courses

CRN Course Faculty Date Cost
PACE 900 Recruiting In A Tough Labor Market Professor Sabrina Hall 9/15 @ 9 a.m. $70
PACE 901 Retention – The Importance of Engaging and Keeping your Employees Engaged Professor Sabrina Hall 9/15 @ 10 a.m. $70
PACE 902 Leadership Forums in a Virtual World Professor Sabrina Hall 9/15 @ 11 a.m. $70
PACE 903 Lifecycle of 401(k) Plan Professor Sabrina Hall 9/22 @ 9 a.m. $70
PACE 904 Structuring Your Compensation Plan Professor Sabrina Hall 9/22 @ 10 a.m. $70
PACE 905 Updating Your Handbook Professor Sabrina Hall 9/22 @ 11 a.m. $70

Other Program Courses

PACE 906 Introduction to People Analytics and Performance Evaluation

Make informed data-driven decisions about your organization’s talent and measure performance with four metrics: regression to the mean, sample size, signal independence, and process vs. outcome. 

 PACE 907 Collaboration Networks

As you master the basics of network analysis, you will identify techniques to improve collaboration, learn to map and evaluate collaboration networks, and examine an employee matrix of collaboration networks to determine the path of communication. 

PACE 908 Motivation and Reward

Learn how behavior modification, imitation, conformity, and compliance influence performance. Learn how to apply technology, tracking systems, outsourcing, and appraisals to motivate, hire, and evaluate employees. 

PACE 909 Talent Management and Analytics

Maximize employee performance with talent analytics, focusing on interdependence, self-fulfilling prophecies, tests, and algorithms, and improve the equitability of the promotion process. 

PACE 910 Tasks, Jobs, and Systems of Work

As you identify the key differences between a task and a job, you will learn how systems of work and jobs have evolved within large organizations, improving employee performance and productivity. 

 PACE 911 Managing Your Career as an HR Professional

Make good and timely decisions, design or improve an organization’s architecture, identify the relationship between reward and performance, analyze pay and promotion, and apply a template to enhance human and social capital. 

PACE 912 Strategic Staffing

Understand the staffing cycle – hiring, internal mobility, career development, and attrition – and apply analytics techniques to identify causality, improve your hiring decisions, and correlate employee attributes to attrition.

Searight Professional and Continuing Education

Gardner-Webb University’s Searight Professional and Continuing Education program offers very specific, online and in-person courses to enhance the skill levels of professionals ranging from entry level to mid-management, executive, and beyond.

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