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Tucker Scholars Essay

The essay is a very important aspect of the Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength Scholarship application for the committee to see how the candidate is a good fit for this award. Each student should take time and think about how he or she wants to make a first impression. Application and essays should be complete, compelling, and with correct grammar and spelling.

Your essay should be thoughtful, with examples, and reflect careful consideration. The most engaging writing tells a story. Each essay should reveal the student’s passions and personality and demonstrate how they will be a great addition to this community of faith.

Gardner-Webb University has a culture rooted in living out our faith and demonstrating it by our actions. The University has claimed Mark 12:30 as a life verse. “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.”

Essay Topic

As you grow in your faith, how have you worked to apply the meaning of Mark 12:30 in your life? Convey in examples and your own words what it means to love God with the four unique aspects of who you are - mark highlighted each one individually as each is equally important.


Your passion, your discovered meaning, your drive, your motivation. It is the reason you serve with compassion giving completely of yourself and that overriding desire to advance the Kingdom of God.


Represents your life of faith and how this is central to who you are and the direction of your life. We are not saved by works but by our faith. Faith alone is dead, but faith is lived out by our "heart’s" actions.


Denotes your intellect and your understanding that God has called us to study to prove ourselves. This idea is a life-long pursuit, and the tools you will gain at GWU will help you.


This aspect is the physical ability to do what God has directed, but it is also the confidence and attitude to follow his lead. The strength can come from a developed character that can see the work done no matter the challenges. Strength is coupled with resilience and is imperative for one to face the inevitable challenges brought by a life of faith, service, and commitment.

At GWU, we strongly believe that an essential way of showing our love for God can be seen best in how we show our love for other people. Consider that in how you express your thoughts.