Legacy Students

Make Gardner-Webb a Family Tradition

We are very proud to have alumni who love their alma mater and have encouraged their children and grandchildren to choose Gardner-Webb University. We recognize and celebrate these families as they have chosen to make Gardner-Webb a family tradition.

Who is a Legacy?

We consider a student a Legacy if he or she has had one or both siblings, parents, and/or grandparents attend our great institution.

Recognition of Legacy Students

Living in the residence halls, students discover that a little door swag makes them stand out. Leading up to Move-In Day, Alumni Relations works to prepare door decorations for all of our Legacy students. Our door decoration is designed anew every year, and we even include vintage photos of each Legacy student’s family connections to Gardner-Webb.

Ongoing Programming

Our Legacy Students will find community within this group. Attending the Welcome Dinner at the beginning of the Fall semester, participating in monthly lunches, and planning the annual Red Cross Blood Drive will prove to be an excellent way to stay connected with each other and with our office.

Legacy Scholarship

Gardner-Webb is pleased to provide a $500 Legacy Grant to students who have a Parent, Grandparent, or Sibling that graduated from Gardner-Webb University. This scholarship is for full-time, traditional undergraduate students.

Have a Legacy Connection?

You may let us know of your Legacy connection by completing this form.