Campus Cleaning Standards

Maintaining a healthy environment is everyone’s job. We all have to take responsibility.

AS OF JULY 24, 2020

The University began implementing new cleaning protocols several months ago, and will continue to adapt as needed. But we ask for your help; your involvement may help slow the spread of COVID-19.

What responsibilities do students, faculty and staff have on a general basis for cleaning and monitoring physical spaces of engagement? 

Each person will need to do his or her part to keep our campus safe and clean. Faculty and staff will be given cleaning supplies to help keep their respective areas and classrooms disinfected. While our housekeeping staff will be prepared to handle cleaning and disinfecting, they will not be able to keep up with class cycles during the day. It will be important for everyone to assist in keeping high-touch areas disinfected throughout the day. Students should be prepared to clean their own work spaces before and after use as much as possible.

Will plant operations take care of (or offer guidance for) cleaning protocols for:

  • Academic and administrative buildings (including classrooms, labs, testing centers, library, meeting spaces, offices)? We have purchased cleaning misters that will be deployed across campus to apply disinfectant in large scale patterns. Offices and meeting spaces will be cleaned as normally scheduled with staff/faculty assisting between daily meetings.
  • Athletic facilities (including competition areas, offices, and workout spaces)? Cleaning misters will be used in daily disinfecting procedures by our housekeeping staff, coaches and managers.
  • Residence Halls? Housekeeping staff will conduct cleaning and disinfectant applications in residence hall under normal operations.
  • Dining Facilities? Cleaning and disinfecting will be handled on an enhanced basis by our Sodexo staff.
  • Student Support? (including Tucker Student Center, recreation spaces, Suttle Wellness Center, Pool) Housekeeping will clean and disinfect the student center, recreation spaces and the pool under normal operations. Suttle Wellness Center will be maintained by its staff.