Campus Visitors

Gardner-Webb University is open to the public, and we invite the community to participate in a variety of offerings on our campus.

AS OF JULY 24, 2020

It is a popular destination. We ask if you decide to visit our campus, that you help us in keeping a healthy community. We ask that you follow the protocols we have in place for our own university students, faculty and staff. We are in this together.   

What protocols are in place for public visitors on a daily basis? 

Buildings that have traditionally been open to the public during business hours will remain so. Visitors should observe the same guidelines as our students, faculty and staff. Wear a face covering, wash your hands and maintain physical distancing.

Are facilities (library, dining, recreational, etc.) open to the public? 

The library is open to the public. The dining services and recreational services are reserved for students, faculty and staff at this time. Walking tracks and paths around Lake Hollifield are open for public use, but pandemic heath protocols should be followed. This is subject to change without advanced notification based on changing conditions and guidelines.

Will athletic events and performing arts events be open to the public? 

Fall events are scheduled to be opened to the public. The University will adhere to state and local guidelines relating to maximum capacity for events. The NCAA and athletic conference guidelines will also be considered for athletic events.