Support Services, Student Services, and Other Operational Services

Gardner-Webb enhances the student experience by offering support services. These include: the University police force, a campus store, post office, disability services, tutoring and a writing center. These valuable services will look different this fall.

AS OF JULY 24, 2020

How will the Gardner-Webb University Police protocols and services be modified? 

The Gardner-Webb Police will still continue to offer essential services, and they will be available to protect and serve the University population. Officers will adhere to physical distancing and face covering protocols. Golf cart transportation and other non-essential services may be modified.

Will the campus post office be operational? How will that be different? 

The campus post office is open, and students should practice physical distancing and wear face coverings when using this facility. Plexiglass barriers have been installed to help protect the staff and students needing to utilize that service.

How will the Gardner-Webb Campus Shop operate differently? 

Students should practice physical distancing and wear face coverings when using this facility. In order to adhere to CDC’s guidelines for retail stores, register shields have been installed and floor markers are in place to encourage physical distancing. In addition, the shop has updated its daily sanitizing and cleaning schedule and processes. The shop is accepting merchandise and textbook orders and will be shipping these orders on a daily basis. We offer “in-store” pickup by placing the packages at our Campus Post Office. There is no longer an in-store pick up fee for this service. If you have a department need, you may contact Mandy Smith by email at [email protected]create new email, and she will fulfill the order and place it in the Post Office for you.

What are the procedures in place for the Noel Center for Disability Services? 

The Noel Center will function as normal. Students may always contact the Center via phone at 704-406-4270 (v), 866-298-0119 (vp) or by email at [email protected]create new email if they prefer not to visit in person.

Will the Writing Center continue to operate in a physical space? 

Yes, although virtual meetings are available on demand. Health-related protocols will be managed for any face-to-face encounters (face coverings, physical distancing).

What other student-related services (offices) will function in a different way? 

In general, student and academic services will be offered as they traditionally have. Measures are in place to encourage physical distancing and the use of face coverings. Students who prefer to conduct their visits by phone or videoconference can usually do so. Simply contact the office in question and ask how remote services may be provided.