From the Students: Liberal Arts at Gardner-Webb

Gardner-Webb provides outstanding undergraduate and graduate education that is strongly grounded in the liberal arts.
Hear what students have to say about the ability to explore ideas within a diverse community of learning.

Jacob Kirby (’16) discipleship studies 

“Gardner-Webb is just so well-rounded in terms of the variety of courses students can take, both in the core curriculum and in electives … if I hadn’t experienced what it was like to study other courses besides music, like English courses and history and religious studies, I may never have known what paths were available for me to pursue.” (More)



Kevin Clary (’15) Music Education

“Gardner-Webb students are exposed to professors with a broad range of personalities, teaching styles as well as personal beliefs … True knowledge and the power to shape one’s own ideas and opinions comes from the willingness to expose one’s self to the ideas and opinions of others, and that opportunity is prevalent at Gardner-Webb.” (More)


M. Lamont Littlejohn (’16) Doctorate in Ministry

“My experience has helped me to become a better holistic person. My educational experience allowed me to acquire skills within other subject areas of study beyond my major and minor concentrations. It has taught me that ministry is both tough and messy at times.” (More)


Madison Cates (‘13) history

“The ability to take a wide variety of courses and get to know thoughtful, compassionate people helped guide my spiritual and intellectual development. Being involved in the Honors Student Association, Alpha Chi Honor Society, and Student Government Association allowed me to discuss and debate ideas with friends and peers across disciplines.” (More)

Training for Life

Alumnus Jeremy Martin (’03) Exercises His Passions for Faith, Fitness

Training for Life

Alumnus Jeremy Martin (’03) Exercises His Passions for Faith, Fitness
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Training for Life

Jeremy Martin’s success as a college and professional football player led him to discover a passion for training other athletes for elite performance in competition. His physical work as a sports trainer has allowed him to also be a spiritual coach who leads others to strengthen their relationship with Christ.

Martin owns Ultimate Athlete, in Charlotte, N.C., a fitness facility that works with more than 100 clients. “Athletes come to us to help them excel in their sport,” he explains, “but if we can teach them how their faith in Jesus will carry them more than physical training, we’re doing something important for them.”

As a student-athlete at Gardner-Webb, Martin set football program records and was inducted into the University’s Athletics Hall of Fame. After graduating with his bachelor’s degree in sport management, he played professional arena and indoor football. During that time he realized how much he enjoyed encouraging fellow athletes to reach for ultimate sports and life success, and he decided to earn a master’s degree in exercise science and kinesiology.

In the 10 years since completing his graduate education, Martin has worked with several athletic training facilities where he has had opportunities to coach competitors in the National Football League and elite intercollegiate athletics. In 2015, he combined knowledge from his Gardner-Webb business degree with his education in exercise science to open Ultimate Athlete in Charlotte.

“Gardner-Webb gave me such a well-rounded education to apply to a variety of things in my life,” he relates. “My minor in business administration and everything I learned in sport management really taught me how to form long-lasting relationships that can build my young business.”

“There’s no question I couldn’t have done everything I’ve done in my life without my faith. Gardner-Webb has been a cornerstone for putting Jesus at the center of all I do. The University really built a platform for life for me.”

Pro deo et Humanitate:
For God and Humanity


“That's what college is all about: figuring out what you want to do and who you want to be, and when everyone around you is pointing you towards Christ, it's a lot easier to be focused on him.” Caitlyn Brotherton ’16  

Campus Ministries


"It's more than going to church on Sunday; it's living in a community of Christian believers in everyday life and being intentional, being vulnerable. The atmosphere at GWU has shown me that." Jeremy Hamby ’16