6th Annual Summer Seminar

Post-Seminar Information

The School of Education’s Center for Innovative Leadership Development hosted its 6th annual summer seminar on July 27 and 28 in the Tucker Student Center. Attended by 225 graduate students, faculty, and guests this year’s seminar focused on disciplined inquiry, research methodology, data collection, and writing and publishing a research report. The seminar provided the attendees an opportunity to network with fellow researchers and to gain insight, via a gallery walk, into several completed research projects. Faculty professional development was an integral component of this year’s seminar.

Conferees’ Feedback

“Excellent presentations. It was focused and very relevant in meeting my needs.”
“The event was well planned.”
“Thought the panel discussions were informative and insightful.”
“Variety of presentation topics made the seminar special for me.”
“Topics were relevant to my needs.”
“Great opportunity to network with my fellow students.”
“The overview of happenings in the School of Education was instructive."
“Enjoyed watching the Hall of Fame video. I thought it was a great idea.”
“Looking forward to next year’s seminar as I learned a lot this year.”