Observatory News and Events

Open House

Every month during and after the Cleveland County Astronomical Society (CCAS) meeting, everyone and anyone is invited to drop by the observatory for a tour of the sky. Depending on the weather and astronomical conditions, telescopes will be setup and astronomers and astronomy students will be available to answer questions, show interesting heavenly objects, or just chat about science and astronomy. The Observatory opens at 7:30 pm for approximately two hours.

Cleveland County Astronomical Society

The Williams Observatory is open to the community on the fourth Thursday of the month except for the months of November and December when it will be the third Thursday due to holidays. The observatory will be open in conjunction with the meeting of the Cleveland County Astronomical Society. The public is welcome and after the meeting which includes special programs or lectures, telescopes will be available for public use. For meeting information and details, contact president Don Brooks by phone at (864) 839-9424 or by email at dbrook@bellsouth.net.

For more information about the CCAS, visit their site, or start a conversation on the CCAS Yahoo Group.