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Student workers are valuable resources to the operating functions of the university. The Center for Personal & Professional Development is here to assist students with employment at Gardner-Webb.

View available on-campus jobs below.

Available On-Campus Positions:

Location/Department: Technology Services

Descriptions/Duties: Provide phone, remote, and in-person support to faculty, staff, and students

How to Apply: By Email

Person to Contact: Ray Curtis

Email: [email protected]

Location/Department: Athletics

Descriptions/Duties: Facilities:

  • include maintenance of athletic venues
  • support of equipment/laundry operations, game/match preparation

Gameday Operations:

  • Setup/cleanup games
  • Work game (ball runners, floor sweepers, and etc.)
  • Be a liaison

Specific Duties, Qualifications and Additional Information Sports Management major recommended but not required

Prefer: handy, dependable, loves being around sports

Pay/Salary: Work-Study

How to Apply: By Email

Person to Contact: Caine Crews

Email: [email protected]

Location/Department: Technology Services – GWU Campus Labs

Descriptions/Duties: Work 12 hours per week in one of the university’s computer labs. Responsible for providing general assistance to students regarding computer applications and printing questions. Must also help maintain appearance of computer labs, check computer lab supplies, such as paper and toner in the printers, and report technical issues to Tech Services’ staff.

Specific Duties, Qualifications and Additional Information: Technical skills are not required for this position, but a successful employee should be responsible and dependable, willing to help others with basic problems, and report issues they are aware of or are unable to resolve.

Pay/Salary: $8.50 an hour

Hours: Up to 12 hours per week

Position Type: Work-Study

How to Apply: By Email

Person to Contact: Abbey Goodrum

Email: [email protected]

Location/Department: Religious Studies Department; Lindsay Hall


  • File papers
  • Help professors when needed
  • Help grade tests
  • Run errands
  • Check mail
  • Make copies

Pay/Salary: $8.50

Position Type: Work-Study

Hours: 12 hours per week

How to Apply: By Email

Person to Contact: Please contact either Dr. Shauf or Ashley Chapman if you are interested in the position.

Contact Info: [email protected] or [email protected]


If you have questions, please feel free to [email protected]. We will be happy to help!

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