Support Your Dawgs

Why Join the Bulldog Club?

Dear Bulldog Nation,

When I became President in 2019, I promised that we would build champions in the classroom, champions on the fields of competition, and champions of our shared faith. Now that we are turning the COVID corner, it is time for us to recommit to our pledge to win championships. Wishful thinking won’t win those championships…membership and investment in the Bulldog Club will. For GWU to compete at the highest level across all of our NCAA Division I sports, we must elevate our expectations and increase our investments in student-athletes. That task begins today, and it begins with you.

If you too love the Runnin’ Bulldogs and want to be part of ushering in a new era of success, then I ask you to join the Bulldog Club today. I ask you to invest because the Bulldog Club directly impacts the lives of 500+ student-athletes in our 22 NCAA Division I sports. If you look at championship-caliber programs across the country, they all have large and dedicated booster clubs…so, too, will Gardner-Webb succeed as we grow the Bulldog Club.

Yes, in exchange for your annual membership you will receive some nice benefits (tickets, priority parking, or gear), but don’t join the Bulldog Club for the “stuff” you’ll get.


  • you share our dream of building winners…student-athletes who bring victory to GWU and who graduate ready to make positive and lasting differences in their careers and in their lives.
  • you remember the thrill of our men’s basketball Big South Championship and first trip to the NCAA Tournament in 2019.
  • you want to see our swim team repeat their 2021 conference championship when they hit the water this fall.
  • you want to fill Spangler Stadium on autumn Saturdays to watch our reloaded football team return to glory.

Whatever the sport, whatever your passion, we invite you to support your Dawgs. Thank you, in advance, for becoming a member of the Bulldog club today. I’ll see you at the game!