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Earn your MBA from one of the top-rated programs in the country, and one of the most affordable. You can complete your MBA in as little as ten months or work at your own pace. Either way, you get an MBA that advances your career and prepares you for the future.

Fast Facts

  • No GMAT required for regular admission
  • A fully accredited MBA
  • Sharpen your skills and accelerate your career
  • Acquire knowledge from experts in your industry
  • Benefit from GWU’s experience delivering education online since 1999

Gardner-Webb University’s MBA program has strong faculty, rigorous curriculum, quality instruction online, and affordable tuition plus competitive financial aid. Recognized by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), the Gardner-Webb MBA deepens your understanding of essential business functions such as accounting, economics, ethics and marketing.

An MBA may be the most important credential in today’s workplace. It shows you have worked hard, mastered a wide range of business skills, and gained insight into how the marketplace works.

Why choose a cheaper MBA program when you can choose a better one? The MBA10.

Gardner-Webb’s accelerated program offered Paola Escalona the opportunity to earn her degree in less than a year and with less expense. She also knew GWU’s reputation for academic excellence. “Gardner-Webb is a recognized university, which was an essential factor to consider,” Escalona affirmed. “Gardner-Webb University’s mission and core values were other aspects that influenced my decision to enroll.”

“Gardner-Webb is a recognized university, which was an essential factor to consider,”

Paola Escalona, ’19

At Gardner-Webb University Online, our programs are never one size fits all. Communicate with your personal program advisor to discover just how affordable, flexible, and easy it can be to attain your degree. Ignite Your Future; let’s get started today.





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