Office of the President

Dr. Bonner in front of Hamrick HallGreetings from Gardner-Webb! When you come for a visit, you will notice that one of the signature structures on our campus, the J.D. Huggins Memorial Arch, bears an inscription that has made Gardner-Webb a pillar in Christian higher education for more than a century: "Pro Deo Et Humanitate," or "For God and Humanity." Many universities stress their commitment either to academic excellence or to faith. What makes Gardner-Webb so special is our blend of faith with an excellent liberal arts academic program, a dynamic combination dedicated to the service of God and humanity.


Our mission is certainly not an original concept, as it echoes the central tenet of Christ's teaching-to love God with all our hearts and to actively love others. At Gardner-Webb we strive to emulate that teaching, trusting that only when grounded in biblical truth can excellent scholarship, service, and leadership happen. That is why our primary purpose is not education. Of course, that is central to what we do, but our higher purpose is to cultivate and strengthen our faith, and to make that faith visible through lifestyles of active service and leadership in our local and global communities.


For that reason, Gardner-Webb is not a place where students just blend in, where they are enabled to settle for anything less than excellence. Rather, it is a place where students can find productive outlets in the classroom and in the community for the qualities and abilities that make them unique. It is a place where the spiritual and the social are as vital as the intellectual. Most importantly, it is a place where students remain the focus of everything we do.


I hope that you will consider stepping through the Arch and continuing your journey with us at Gardner-Webb. I look forward to meeting you on campus!

Best regards,


Dr. A Frank Bonner

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