Photo of Dr. David Yelton

Dr. David Yelton, Ph.D.


March 2020

Dr. Yelton was recently awarded the Vandervort Prize from the Journal of Military History for his article “Older German Officers and National Socialist Activism: Evidence from the German Volkssturm,” that appeared in the April 2019 issue. Yelton is one of only four historians to receive the award this year. Formerly called the Moncado Prize, the honor was renamed on March 1 to honor the memory of Dr. Bruce Vandervort, former editor of the journal. The selection is made by a panel of five to six scholars in the broad field of military history, intended to recognize a significant contribution to the field.

November 2019

Dr. Yelton was the commentator for a panel entitled “Soldiers, Sex, Chaplains and Horses:  A Panel on the Wehrmacht in Honor of Gerhard L. Weinberg” at the German Studies Association conference in Portland, OR, October 3-6, 2019. The panel, moderated by Dr. David Grier (Erskine College), consisted of three presentations on various aspects of everyday history in the German Army in World War II by Dr. Geoffrey Giles (Univ. of Florida), Dr. Doris Bergen (Univ. of Toronto) and Dr. Sandy Cheney (Cottey College). Dr. Weinberg (who is 91 and attended the session) is Professor Emeritus at the University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill and one of the world’s leading scholars on Nazi Germany and the Second World War. He was also the dissertation mentor for Drs. Bergen, Cheyney, Grier, and Yelton.

April 2019

Dr. Yelton recently published "Older German Officers and National Socialist Activism:  Evidence from the German Volkssturm," Journal of Military History 83 (Nr. 2, April 2019):  523-56. He has also agreed to serve as an article referee for the journals War in History and The Jewish Quarterly Review.