Ali Pouryousefi

Ali Pouryousefi

Junior College Alumnus of the Year

In January of 1959, Ali Pouryousefi began his college career as an international student. Though Ali did not know English very well, the community of students, faculty, and the people of Boiling Springs set him at ease.

Ali majored in Pre-engineering. After a year and a half, he was prepared to move on from Gardner-Webb Junior College to Louisiana State University. Ali studied petroleum engineering. After several years in this field, though, Ali decided that this was not to be his life’s work.

In 1964, he returned to Gardner-Webb to finish his Associate’s degree and to determine his next step in education. He also met his wonderful wife, Janette.

Ali completed his work at Gardner-Webb in 1966, and began his studies in Pharmacy at the University of Georgia. His concentration was in retail and hospital pharmacy. Ali worked with Walgreens, Eckerd Drug, and finally, Rite Aid. After forty-three years, he retired in 2012. As a pharmacist, Ali shares that he met “many wonderful people as customers, patients, physicians, nurses,” and those from every walk of life.

In retirement, Ali has enjoyed time with his family, particularly his four grandchildren. He has also maintained his status as a registered pharmacist through various continuing education opportunities.

Ali and his wife live in Atlanta. They return each Homecoming to Gardner-Webb.